Sitterson Hall (SN)
Brooks Computer Science Building (FB)
Campus Box 3175
Phone: 919-590-6000 / Fax: 919-590-6105

Department Chair

Kevin Jeffay

Office: 116 Brooks Building
Phone: 919-590-6238
Email: jeffay (at)

Associate Chair for Academic Affairs

Marc Niethammer
Office: 219 Sitterson Hall
Phone: 919-590-6149
Fax: 919-590-6105

Associate Chair for Finance & Administration

Michael J. Fern
Office: 104 Sitterson Hall
Phone: 919-590-6077
Fax: 919-590-6105

Director of Graduate Studies

Jasleen Kaur

Office: 136 Brooks Building
Phone: 919-590-6066
Email: jasleen (at)

Director of Graduate Admissions

Ron Alterovitz
Office: 254 Brooks Building
Phone: 919-590-6068
Fax: 919-590-6105

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ketan Mayer-Patel
Office: 154 Brooks Building
Phone: 919-590-6009
Fax: 919-590-6105

Business Officer

Melissa Wood (on leave)

Office: 150 Sitterson Hall
Phone: 919-590-6157
Email: wood (at)

IT Manager


Contact Michael Fern
fern (at)

Department Registrar

Denise Kenney

Office: 142 Brooks Building
Phone: 919-590-6200
Email: kenney (at)

External Relations Manager

Rosario Vila

Office: 131 Sitterson Hall
Phone: 919-590-6151
Fax: 919-590-6105
Email: rvila (at)