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Why I Give

paul oliver

Paul Oliver (Ph.D. 1969)

I have donated to UNC Computer Science Department for all the usual reasons: the degree I earned here, the time at which I earned it (Ph.D. 1969), the fundamentals I learned in the process, and the examples set by the faculty, but I must confess mostly by Fred Brooks as he was my advisor, were all instrumental in what success I achieved in the past 50 years. Brooks, Steve Pizer, Don Stanat, Peter Calingaert and Erwin Danziger were teachers, but also friends and colleagues to the early classes, as the students were almost as old as the faculty (older in a few cases!). The financial donations I have made are a less than adequate means of giving back — a more active participation in academic and student affairs would be a more complete approach but distance and a career spent mainly in airports have precluded that. In short, I give as a way of saying thank you.

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