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Meet Stephanie!

Stephanie Johnson serves as the Career Development Lead for the Department of Computer Science. She meets with both undergraduate and graduate students for assistance with anything career-related, ranging from creating resumes and cover letters to preparing for technical interviews and more. Additionally, she is responsible for the creation and implementation of certain programs, such as an Alumni Mentoring Program that was launched in the Fall of 2019. To schedule a virtual appointment with Stephanie, log in to your Handshake account. Stephanie can be reached at

What can I do with a Computer Science degree? 

Common Career Paths in Computer Science 

Software Development Engineer

Also known as a software engineer and/or software developer, this role is responsible for the entire development, testing, and maintenance of software. Fluency in programming languages that will be used to write code is a necessity to perform well in this job. Technical creativity is also an integral part of this role, as there will be quite a bit of problem-solving as well.

Product Manager

A product manager (often abbreviated as a PM) manages one or several products from the inception to the phase-out (ending) stages. They collaborate with several different areas of a company in areas such as software engineering, sales, marketing, and finance, etc. With these things in mind, strong communication skills are almost essential in this type of role, as well as having the extensive technical knowledge to explain and diagnose problems.

Cybersecurity Analyst

The role of a cybersecurity analyst is one of extreme value to an organization, as they are responsible for detecting cyberthreats and executing changes to prevent attacks. They do this by managing the tools to monitor activity on the company network, analyzing reports from these tools to pinpoint unusual behavior, and applying security patches, just to name a few.

Technical Consultant 

The exact job description of a technical consultant is likely to vary from one company to the next. However, a common set of duties include things such as troubleshooting and solving technical problems that clients are facing and designing and testing new technologies. Tech consultants often go to the physical location of clients, so the ability and desire to travel is important in this role.

Data Scientist

A data scientist’s overarching role is to analyze and organize large amounts of data and make it understandable for key stakeholders within an organization. They often do this by using software that they either programmed themselves or were already in use by a company. Additionally, data scientists might be asked to build AI platforms that can be used in the automation of certain business processes, which is why having the ability to code is important.

User Experience (UX) Designer

A UX designer’s job is to make a product usable, accessible, and appealing for the user. They accomplish this by diving deeply into the userbase to understand users’ needs, which often includes conducting user research. Then, they take the information they learn from their research to inform their design process. UX designers also conduct user testing to validate the effectiveness of their designs.

A few more:

Application Developer

Network Engineer

Web Developer

Systems Architect

Technical Analyst

Cybersecurity Engineer

Database Administrator

Data Engineer


Connecting with UNC Computer Science Alumni:

The UNC Computer Science Alumni Mentoring Program was created in the Spring of 2019, as a result of strong student interest in being more engaged with industry and the need for them to have guidance in the next steps post-graduation. With this in mind, two students are paired with one alumni mentor for an academic year and receive insight on career readiness topics ranging from technical interviewing to the final offer of a job. The application for the program opens annually every spring, and more information can be found here.

Our inaugural cohort at the program kickoff celebration that was held in Google’s Chapel Hill Office in September 2019. The 2019-2020 year involved alumni from 22 different companies and 6 industries, with over 80 participants.

Recruiting Information:


CS Career Connections is the Fall (Sept-Nov) and Spring (Jan-Apr) Computer Science recruiting program that gives students the opportunity to meet local and national employers to learn about their companies, technologies, and hiring needs. Dozens of employers visit Sitterson Hall each semester to host evening Career Preparation Workshops or Tech Talks (Wednesdays & Thursdays at 5:30 pm), Daytime Table Chats in the Lobby (T-TH 11 am-2 pm). In addition, employers visit UNC to take part in the Job and Internship Expo (Fall & Spring) and Tech Career Fair (Fall), the CS Symposium (Fall), and numerous other events. View the calendar of events to your right and don’t miss the chance to connect with your next employer right here on campus!

Learn More about the Technical Interview Process

This guide will provide insight into technical interviews, as well as address major questions about the mystifying process.

Attend a practice technical interview with a coding interviewer from various companies throughout the semester. Practice coding interview questions on a whiteboard and get feedback and tips from professionals who have experience and knowledge about the technical interview process. Companies elect to host Whiteboard Parties here in Sitterson each semester, so make sure to attend! 

Searching for a job or internship? Handshake houses thousands of job and internship opportunities searchable by location and industry. Every student has a Handshake account, simply log-in with your ONYEN.

Looking for more career resources? 

Visit UCS online for helpful information on any career-related need. Choose from handouts, student-specific resources, videos, and the Career Readiness Workbook.

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