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Meet the UNC CS Career Services Team! 



Stephanie Johnson serves as the Director of Career Services for the Department of Computer Science. She meets with both undergraduate and graduate students for assistance with anything career-related, ranging from creating resumes and LinkedIn profiles to preparing for technical interviews and more. Additionally, she was responsible for the creation and implementation of certain programs, such as an Alumni Mentoring Program that was launched in the Fall of 2019. She is joined by a team of two amazing CS majors and Career Assistants, Chaira Sabato and Pooja Mathur. 

For inquiries about career services, contact

Through Handshake, you can make appointments for CS Career Advising with Stephanie, and/or for Resume/LinkedIn Reviews and Mock Interviews with one of the CS Career Assistants.

What can I do with a Computer Science degree?

The Career Services department can help you decide what path you want to take with a Computer Science degree. Explore the different options at our Career Paths in Computer Science page!

Timeline as a Computer Science Major at UNC

Below is the recommended timeline as a UNC CS major, considering the new admissions policy for Computer Science majors. To view this in a document format, please refer to here.

Connecting with UNC Computer Science Alumni:

The UNC Computer Science Alumni Mentoring Program was created in the Spring of 2019, as a result of strong student interest in being more engaged with industry and the need for them to have guidance in the next steps post-graduation. Since then, there have been several iterations, now leading to an informal career networking program (UNC CS Career Connections) where CS majors and alumni can connect. To join and learn more, click here.

Join our UNC CS Career Hub LinkedIn Page! The CS Careers Department has a LinkedIn Career Hub Page where CS Career Assistants and staff make weekly posts often with resources on how to succeed as a Computer Science major. Request to join here.

More Computer Science Resources:

The Beginner’s Guide to Computer Science – Get a holistic perspective of the CS field and career prospects – Learn about top careers and skills in Computer Science – Explore jobs and articles about current trends in tech