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  • Create and tailor your resume for the positions for which you would like to apply. A cover letter can also be helpful if you are strongly interested in a certain position, as it is a great way to elaborate on your skill set. Make sure that your resume matches (not verbatim) the jobs to which you are applying. 
  • Meet with a career counselor. You can do this either with Stephanie Johnson, the CS Career Development Lead, or with University Career Services if her calendar is full (which is frequent in the Fall semester). 
  • Utilize tools such as Handshake, LinkedIn, Otta, Stack Overflow, Builtin, and RippleMatch.
    1. Tips for using Handshake
    2. Tips for using LinkedIn 
  • Network! Check out this helpful article on how to network and connect with fellow students and professionals in the tech industry. Also, attend as many recruiting-related events as possible in the fall and spring semesters. Be on the lookout for announcements regarding these events in departmental newsletters and social media.

General Job/Internship Search Cycle:

Other Tips:

  • Be mindful of the recruitment cycles: Most tech internship recruiting typically takes place from August through December. However, there is a second cycle (with fewer employers) that goes from January through April
  • Apply to more internships than you might think: While technical skills are among some of the most in-demand, it is still important to apply to as many positions as you are able to (within reason). Even if you might not see yourself working there, the interview experience is valuable. Keep track of your applications in a spreadsheet, or find a method that works for you.

Additional Resources: