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Interested In Doing A Story?

All members of the broadcast and print media who are interested in doing a story on research or other activities at the Department of Computer Science at UNC-Chapel Hill should first contact the department’s Communications Manager:

Brett Piper
Department of Computer Science
CB# 3175, Brooks Computer Science Building
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599-3175 USA

Phone: (919) 590-6090
Fax: (919) 590-6105
E-mail: bpiper (at) or pubs (at)

The Communications Manager will be happy to work with you to determine your needs. He will coordinate with the appropriate researchers or other department personnel to help you obtain the information you need. If you need to visit the campus, he will work with you on the schedule and details.

Reprint/Rebroadcast Permissions

All requests concerning permission to reprint photographs and to rebroadcast video footage should be made to the Communications Manager.


The Department of Computer Science has a large selection of photographs depicting current and past research projects and other activities. Many of these photographs are the property of the department. Others are the property of professional photographers and may not be reprinted in non-departmental publications without first obtaining permission from the photographer who holds the copyright. Depending on the publication, some photographers may request a small fee. There are also photographs that the department has purchased the rights to from the professional photographer who took them. In all cases, it is advisable to contact the Communications Manager to be sure that the correct procedure is followed.


Some of the department’s research projects include video clips on their web pages. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a video clip at a higher quality than may be available on the web, please contact the Communications Manager.

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For press releases, media advisories, tip sheets, and other information for the entire UNC-Chapel Hill campus, see the UNC News Services page.

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