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Click on one of the static images to view the respective interactive Tableau dashboards. The data for the following visualizations comes from the CS department’s 2020-2021 Future Plans Survey.


Career Information

Although the majority of computer science graduates go into software engineering, other occupations such as business-tech roles and consulting are also represented. Top employers at UNC include Capital One, Amazon, and Microsoft.
UNC CS grads also go on to a variety of places around the country. The map shows the average salary in each state. You can view how many respondents are represented in each state by clicking on the image to access the interactive dashboard and hovering over a state to see its respective respondent count. Many students remain in North Carolina after graduation, but there are also high counts in other states like Washington, California, and New York.
Career Dashboard

Academic Information

CS can be an intense major on its own, but more than half of UNC CS undergraduates pursue a double major. Many CS students also pursue one or more minors. To view the breakdown of double majors, click on the image to access the interactive Tableau dashboard and hover over a section of the top pi chart.
More than three-fourths of undergraduates join the workforce after graduation, while an additional 11.8% go on to more education. Other students choose different paths, such as joining the military.
Academic Dashboard