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Jack Snoeyink

Jack Snoeyink


(79) Ph.D. 1990, Stanford. Computational geometry; algorithms for geographical information systems and structural biology; geometric modeling and computation; algorithms and data structures; theory of computation.


329 Sitterson Hall

919-590-6069 Phone
919-590-6105 Fax


Prof. Jack Snoeyink (Ph.D. Stanford, 1990) works on computational geometry, which is a branch of the theory of computer science that designs and analyzes algorithms and data structures for problems best stated in geometry form.  His main application areas are in terrain modeling in geographic information systems, molecular structure validation and improvement in biochemistry, as well as computational topology, computer graphics, and information visualization. He participated as a PI in GEO*, the first program Darpa organized with NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, formerly NIMA, DMA.)