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Montek Singh

Montek Singh

Associate Professor

Associate Chair for Academic Affairs

(84) Ph.D. 2002, Columbia. High-performance and low-power digital systems; asynchronous and mixed-timing circuits and systems; VLSI CAD tools; energy-efficient graphics hardware; applications to computer security; and emerging computing technologies


234 Brooks Building

919-590-6132 Phone
919-590-6105 Fax


Montek Singh is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill. He received the Ph.D. degree in computer science from Columbia University in 2002, and the B.Tech. degree in electrical engineering from IIT Delhi, India, in 1993.

His general research interest is in the area of high-performance and energy-efficient digital systems. He is particularly interested in the design of asynchronous or clockless and mixed-timing integrated chips, including circuit design, and CAD tools for automated synthesis, analysis and optimization techniques.  His interests also include applications to energy-efficient mobile graphics hardware; applications to the design of secure chips and to computer security; and design challenges of emerging computing technologies.

In 2005, he was brought onto the DARPA CLASS Program (led by Boeing), to develop, in collaboration with Philips/Handshake Solutions, an industrial-strength automated synthesis flow for designing high-speed asynchronous systems. His work has been transferred to industry, including IBM, Boeing, and Handshake Solutions (a Philips subsidiary).