The Computer Science Alumni Fellowship is awarded annually to a Ph.D. candidate (or candidates), in the final year of study, allowing the student(s) to work full time on dissertation research. Generous contributions to the Alumni Trust Fund, made by alumni and friends of the Department of Computer Science, help to make this fellowship possible.

Current Fellowship Holder

Recipient: Jacob Bartel
Dissertation: “Automatic Difficulty Detection”
Advisor: Prasun Dewan

Choosing with whom to communicate can be a high effort task.  Users must ensure they do not leave out important individuals and do not leak sensitive information, while at the same time accomplishing certain goals.  As the scale of communication grows, this task may require so much effort that users are unable to complete it correctly on their own. To reduce this effort, our goal is to develop a number of automated approaches that assist with this task.  To meet our goal, we have developed approaches that (1) group users with whom to communicate, (2) identify additional recipients for messages, and (3) predict when a response will occur.

Past Recipients

Recipient: Jason Cater (Ph.D. 2014)
Dissertation: “Automatic Difficulty Detection”
Advisor: Prasun Dewan

2012-2013 (2 recipients)
Recipient: Haohan Li (Ph.D. 2013)
Dissertation: “Scheduling Mixed-Critically Real-Time Systems”
Advisor: Sanjoy Baruah

Recipient: Sachin Patil (Ph.D. 2013)
Dissertation: “Closed-Loop Planning and Control of Steerable Medical Needles”
 Ron Alterovitz

Recipient: Stephen Olivier (Ph.D. 2012)
“Locality Awareness for Task Parallel Computation”
 Jan Prins

Recipient: Rahul Narain (Ph.D. 2011)
Dissertation: “Visual Simulation of Multiscale Phenomena”
 Ming Lin

2009-10 (3 recipients)
Recipient: Gennette Gill (Ph.D. 2010)
Dissertation: “Analysis and Optimization for Pipelined Asynchronous Systems”
Advisor: Montek Singh

Recipient: Xiaoxiao Liu (Ph.D. 2010)
Dissertation: “Shape-correlated Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Respiratory Motion Estimation”
Advisor: Stephen Pizer

Recipient: Jason Sewall (Ph.D. 2010)
Dissertation: “Efficient, Scalable Traffic and Compressible Fluid Simulations Using Hyperbolic Models”
Advisor: Ming Lin

Recipient: Aaron Block (Ph.D. 2008)
Dissertation: “Adaptive Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems”
Advisor: James Anderson

Spring 2007
Recipient: Eli Broadhurst (Ph.D. 2008)
Dissertation: “Compact Appearance in Object Populations Using Quantile Function Based Distribution Families”
Advisor: Stephen Pizer

Fall 2006
Recipient: David Borland (Ph.D. 2007)
Dissertation: “Flexible Occlusion Rendering for Improved Views of Three-Dimensional Medical Images”
Advisor: Russell M. Taylor

Recipient: Jun “Luke” Huan (Ph.D. 2006)
Dissertation: “Graph-based Pattern Discovery in Protein Structures”
Advisor: Jan Prins and Wei Wang

Spring 2005
Recipient: Olufisayo Omojokun (Ph.D. 2006)
Dissertation: “Interacting with Networked Devices”
Advisor: Prasun Dewan

Recipient: Miguel Otaduy (Ph.D. 2004)
Dissertation: “6-DoF Haptic Rendering Using Contact Levels of Detail and Haptic Textures.”
Advisor: Ming Lin

Recipient: Philip Holman (Ph.D. 2004)
Dissertation: “Implementation of Pfair-scheduled Multiprocessor Systems.”
Advisor: James Anderson

Recipient: Michele Weigle (Ph.D. 2003)
Dissertation: “Investigating the Use of Synchronized Clocks in TCP Congestion Control”
Advisor: Kevin Jeffay

Recipient: Paul Yushkevich (Ph.D. 2003)
Dissertation: “Statistical Shape Characterization Using the Medial Representation”
Advisor: Stephen M. Pizer

Recipient: Nicholas Vallidis (Ph.D. 2002)
Dissertation: “WHISPER: A Spread Spectrum Approach to Occlusion in Acoustic Tracking”
Advisor: Gary Bishop

Recipient: Voicu Popescu (Ph.D. 2001)
Dissertation: “High-Quality Forward Reconstruction for 3D Warping Efficiently Implementable in Hardware”
Advisor: Anselmo Lastra

Recipient: William R. Mark (Ph.D. 1999)
Dissertation: “Post-Rendering 3D Image Warping: Visibility, Reconstruction, and Performance for Depth-Image Warping”
Advisor: Gary Bishop

Recipient: Stephen M. Goddard, Jr. (Ph.D. 1998)
Dissertation: “On the Management of Latency in the Synthesis of Real-Time Signal Processing Systems from Processing Graphs”
Advisor: Kevin Jeffay

Recipient: Jacob D. Furst (Ph.D. 1999)
Dissertation: “Height Ridges of Oriented Medialness”
Advisor: Stephen M. Pizer

Recipient: Mark Moir (Ph.D. 1996)
Dissertation: “Efficient Object Sharing in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors”
Advisor: James Anderson

Recipient: John Menges (M.S. 1990)
Dissertation: Still in progress
Advisor: Kevin Jeffay

Recipient: Donald L. Stone (Ph.D. 1995)
Dissertation: “Managing the Effect of Delay Jitter on the Display of Live Continuous Media”
Advisor: Kevin Jeffay

Russell M. Taylor II (Ph.D. 1994)
Dissertation: “The Nanomanipulator: A Virtual-Reality Interface to a Scanning Tunneling Microscope”
Advisor: Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

Recipient: Ross Whitaker (Ph.D. 1993)
Dissertation: “Geometry-Limited Diffusion”
Advisor: Stephen M. Pizer

Recipient: James Chung (Ph.D. 1993)
Dissertation: “Intuitive Navigation in the Targeting of Radiation Therapy Treatment Beams”
Advisor: Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.