Stephen Aylward

Adjunct Associate Professor
Chief Medical Scientist, Kitware, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC

Stephen.Aylward (at)

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(109) Ph.D. 1997, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Rob Fowler

Adjunct Professor
Director, HPC Research, Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)

239 Sitterson Hall
rjf (at)

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(110) Ph.D. 1985, University of Washington.

Guido Gerig

Adjunct Professor
School of Computing/Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, University of Utah

gerig (at)

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(75) Ph.D. 1987, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Image analysis; shape-based object recognition; 3D object representation and quantitative analysis; medical image processing.

Chris Healey

Adjunct Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Computer Science, N.C. State

healey (at)

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(105) Ph.D. 1996, University of British Columbia. Computer graphics, scientific visualization, perception and cognitive vision, color, texture, databases, and computational geometry.

Ashok Krishnamurthy

Adjunct Professor
Deputy Director, Renaissance Computing Institute

239 Sitterson Hall
ashok (at)

Ph.D.1983, University of Florida. Data analytics with applications in healthcare and social science, high-end computing for modeling and simulation, advanced computational tools to improve industrial productivity through virtual product and process development, digital processing to extract information from images, audio and other signals.

Svetlana Lazebnik

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

lazebnik (at)

(96) Ph.D. 2006, Illinois-Urbana-Champaign. Object recognition and scene interpretation, modeling and organizing large-scale photo collections, machine learning techniques for visual recognition problems, clustering and vector quantization, nonlinear dimensionality reduction and manifold learning.

Yun Li

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics and Department of Biostatistics

yunli (at)

(128) Ph.D. 2009, Biostatistics, University of Michigan. Statistical genetics.

Ben Major

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology

benmajor (at)

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Ph.D. 2004, University of Utah. Bioinformatics, proteomics, mass spectrometry, network analysis, signal transduction.

Steve Marron

Adjunct Professor
Amos Hawley Distinguished Professor, Department of Statistics and Operations Research

marron (at)

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(114) Ph.D. 1982, UC-Los Angeles. Smoothing methods for curve estimation.

John McHugh

Adjunct Professor
Senior Principal, Chief Analyst at Redjack, LLC

mchugh (at)

(129) Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin. Computer and network security.

Lars S. Nyland

Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Senior Architect, NVIDIA Corp.

nyland (at)

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(117) Ph.D. 1991, Duke. High-performance computing; hardware systems; computer graphics and image analysis; geometric modeling and computation; parallel algorithms; parallel computer architecture; programming languages; program transformation and optimization techniques; scientific computing; real-time systems; distributed systems.

Ipek Oguz

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, UNC-Chapel Hill and the NC Neuro Image Research and Analysis Laboratory

ipek (at)

(125) Ph.D. 2009, UNC-Chapel Hill. Medical image analysis.

Beatriz Paniagua

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Assistant Professor, Depatment of Psychiatry

beatriz_paniagu (at)

(51) Ph.D. 2010, University of Extremadura, Advanced computer vision techniques applied to quality control industrial environments. Adjunct Research Professor of Computer Science

Marc Pollefeys

Adjunct Professor
Professor, Computer Vision and Geometry Lab, Institute of Visual Computing, Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich
919-590-6105 (fax)
marc (at)
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Julian Rosenman

Adjunct Professor
Professor, Radiation Oncology
919-445-5438 (phone)
919-590-6105 (fax)
rosenman (at)

(112) M.D. 1977, Southwestern; Ph.D. 1971, Texas-Austin. Computer graphics for treatment of cancer patients; contrast enhancement of poor quality X-rays.

Dinggang Shen

Adjunct Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Radiology and Director for Image Analysis Core in BRIC and Medical Image Analysis Lab

dgshen (at)

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(104) Ph.D. 1995, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

(69) Ph.D. 1994, UNC-Chapel Hill. 3D interactive computer graphics; virtual worlds; distributed computing; scientific visualization; human-computer interaction.

Alexander Tropsha

Adjunct Professor
K.H. Lee Distinguished Professor and Chair, Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products, School of Pharmacy

alex_tropsha (at)

(111) Ph.D. 1986, Moscow State University, Russia.

Wei Wang

Adjunct Professor
Professor, Computer Science Department, University of California at Los Angeles

weiwang (at)

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(90) Ph.D. 1999, UCLA. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; data mining; database systems

Gregory F. Welch

Adjunct Professor
Florida Hospital Endowed Chair in Healthcare Simulation, University of Central Florida
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(71) Ph.D. 1996, UNC-Chapel Hill. Human motion tracking systems; 3D telepresence; projector-based graphics; computer vision and view synthesis; medical applications of computers.

Turner Whitted

Adjunct Research Professor
TWI Research

232 Brooks Building
jtw (at)

(122) Ph.D. 1978, N.C. State. Algorithms, architectures, displays for graphics applications including virtual and augmented reality.