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UNC-Chapel Hill Hosts Women in Tech Week

March 28, 2017

Several events to promote women who opt for careers in the technology industry will be held at UNC-Chapel Hill as part of the Department of Computer Science’s Women in Tech Week. The five-day promotion was conceived by Kaylee Llewellyn, a … Continued

‘Spork Lab’ tackles password security

March 28, 2017

Creating passwords that are memorable, hintable and resistant to attack is an increasingly important issue, especially in the age of savvy cyber-hackers — but computer-generated passwords are often too hard for people to remember, experts say. It turns out that … Continued

Real Sound in a Virtual World

March 13, 2017

Take a moment to focus on the sounds around you. Maybe you’re sitting at a desk and someone walks by in the hallway. Even though you can’t see them, you can hear their footsteps and can tell when they get … Continued

AI Predicts Autism From Infant Brain Scans Increased brain growth during the first year of life accurately predicted whether a child at high risk of autism developed the disorder

February 15, 2017

Twenty-two years ago, researchers first reported that adolescents with autism spectrum disorder had increased brain volume. During the intervening years, studies of younger and younger children showed that this brain “overgrowth” occurs in childhood. Now, a team at the University of North Carolina, … Continued