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SOAR CS is a community-based forum aimed at fostering success for historically excluded identities (HEIs) within Computer Science at UNC-CH. The SOAR community is an opt-in community for students who identify with a group that has been historically excluded, or underrepresented, to be able to readily access different programs, initiatives, or opportunities focused on the advancement of such groups.

UNC CS is committed to the success of HEIs, including womxn, Black/African Americans, Latinos/as/xs, Native/Indigenous peoples, low-income, first generation, veteran students, and students with diversabilities. This forum was created in efforts to increase communication related to resources and opportunities that serve to support and uplift identities that are not represented within the department and the computer science and technology field, as a whole. In addition, we hope to create a network for students with HEIs to engage authentically and enhance their sense of belonging within the department.

We encourage current students (undergraduate and graduate) to engage by signing up for email communication or visiting our virtual bulletin board regularly.

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