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UNC Department of Computer Science is committed to creating opportunities that support and advocate for students that have been historically excluded from computer science and technology. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Ambassador Program is intended to address issues of visibility, access, and outreach for those within the department and throughout the surrounding community. As a part of this program, current undergraduate students serving in this role will be given the opportunity to serve as a resource and community builder for peers with underrepresented and historically excluded identities. DEI Ambassadors will be the student leaders affiliated with the Debugging DEI & SOAR (Success through Opportunities, Access, and Resources) initiatives in the department. 

The DEI Ambassadors provide an indispensable service to the Department of Computer Science by serving as liaisons to current and prospective students, the community, faculty and staff, UNC alumni, and industry on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a DEI ambassador, each member is expected to be a significant contributor to the development of the department as an inclusive community. 

The DEI Ambassador role is a paid position, earning up to $500 per semester.


Applications for DEI Ambassadors for 2023-2024 will be open April 3rd – April 14th.

NEW! Interviews for DEI Ambassadors will take place April 17th- April 20th.

Click here  for the position description.

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2022-2023 DEI Ambassadors

My name is Bailey DeSouza and I’m a third-year student double majoring in Computer Science and Studio Art. Prior to coming to UNC, I didn’t have any programming knowledge or experience. I changed my major to Computer Science my freshman year and have since found a great community within the department, though it’s far from perfect. I’m passionate about making CS spaces more inclusive so that all students will be able to find a place of belonging within the field. Outside of the DEI Ambassadors, I also work with UNC’s Girls Who Code to encourage younger girls to pursue programming and help create a welcoming environment within STEM. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have ideas about how to make CS at UNC more accessible and inclusive or just want to chat!

I Identify as: Asian/Asian American, White, Woman | Click here to schedule a meeting with me!


My name is Shanly Vong and I am a rising junior studying Neuroscience and Computer Science! I am interested in DEI efforts, specifically in Computer Science, because I also want to help foster a safe and encouraging environment for individuals in historically underrepresented communities. As an underrepresented minority in STEM (and Computer Science), I want to contribute in any way I can to building a supportive atmosphere I – and many of my peers – strive to have. Whether it is interacting with Computer Science undergraduate students, alumni, or faculty, I will ensure everyone feels included and has the space they deserve to fill.

I Identify as: Asian/Asian American, Woman, First Generation (none of my parents/grandparents graduated from a 4year college or university) | Click here to schedule a meeting with me!


My name is  Ce’Niyah Ellison, a Junior from Greensboro, NC double majoring in Computer Science and Information Science. As one of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) ambassadors, I aim to create an inclusive, accessible, diverse space for minority students in the Computer Science department. I am also involved with Black in Technology (BiT), Coulture Magazine,  and Kamikazi Dance Group.

I Identify as: Black, woman, First Generation (none of my parents/grandparents graduated from a 4year college or university), Covenant Scholar | Click here to schedule a meeting with me!


Hi my name is Mariana Rodriguez, and I am a 3rd year majoring in computer science. What interested me in being a DEI Ambassador was the ability to give back after all the diversity initiatives I have been involved in that led me to where I am today. Without programs like Girls Who Code and the Chancellor’s Science Scholars program, I would have never known that I could belong in this space like this.

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HelloWorld! My name is Dharshini Raman, and I am a second-year double-majoring in Computer Science and Peace, War, and Defense. I joined the CS DEI department to be a voice for the multitude of under-represented minorities in tech and share the wonders of computing with creativity and collaboration.

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My name is Kayla Casey, and I am a Computer Science and Statistics double major in the class of 2025. For the 2022-2023 academic year, I will a ULA for the Data Literacy Lab- a course that incoming freshman will be taking in their first year here at Carolina. If you see me in your class or around campus, feel free to spark a conversation with me! I became an Ambassador for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion because I want to see diversity at the forefront of the computer science program here at UNC. I believe that diversifying our program will help to drive the necessary academic change that will revolutionize the tech industry. I want to see underrepresented communities in computer science have increased opportunities in this field, and I believe that a big part of that movement will start with our work here.

I Identify as: White, woman, non-religious | Click here to schedule a meeting with me!



My name is Mia Uitz and I am a rising fourth-year studying Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and Entrepreneurship. At Carolina, I am a part of Kappa Theta Pi, Phi Mu, Girls Who Code, Pearl Hacks, and LA for Comp 301. I am passionate about promoting more women in stem and fostering an open discussion around mental health in CS as well as campus wide. I look forward to being a part of creating a more inclusive community for all identities within CS as a DEI ambassador next year!

I Identify as: White, Asian/Asian American, woman | Click here to schedule a meeting with me!


Hi! My name is Sneha Jaikumar and I’m a third-year student majoring in Computer Science. I’m super passionate about making CS education accessible to all and making the field more inclusive, especially to historically underrepresented communities in CS. Outside of DEI Ambassadors, I’m part of the board for CADS, UNC’s student-run Data Science organization, where I work to create beginner-friendly workshops in the space of health, medicine, and data science. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m more than happy to answer your questions/concerns as a CS student at Carolina or just chat about my/your experiences.

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