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Mendoza receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

April 25, 2024

CS major Christine Mendoza received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, which provides three years of financial support, including a $37,000 annual stipend and $16,000 cost-of-education allowance. Mendoza was one of only 207 recipients nationwide in the Computer and Information Science and Engineering category.

Blueprints for Preservation

April 23, 2024

Religious studies professor Lauren Leve is collaborating with computer scientist Jim Mahaney and Kathmandu locals to document the Swayambjunath, or “Swayambhu,” temple. Today, the team has conducted more than 30 interviews with temple priests, Buddhist monks, devoted visitors, and other people with traditional connections to the site.

Protecting Your Texts

April 17, 2024

Computer scientist Saba Eskandarian is dedicated to deciphering the problems that come along with online messaging. He studies secure communication systems and applies his knowledge of cryptography — the technique of protecting information by shrouding it in codes — in new ways.

A new era of AI

April 15, 2024

Carolina Arts & Sciences Magazine published a round-up of AI research at UNC, featuring CS faculty members Junier Oliva and Gedas Bertasius.

Niethammer awarded $3.3 million NIH grant to identify genetic markers of osteoarthritis

April 11, 2024

Professor Marc Niethammer received an NIH grant to develop a new framework that combines imaging and genetics to advance research for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The project, funded by $3,326,488 over five years, aims to identify early indicators and genetic targets for treatment by integrating deep learning with genome-wide association studies

Localizing and Editing Knowledge in LLMs with Peter Hase [Podcast]

April 8, 2024

Doctoral student Peter Hase joined host Sam Charrington to discuss “scalable oversight,” the importance of developing a deeper understanding of how large neural networks make decisions, how matrices are probed by interpretability researchers, and more.

The Faces of AI

February 26, 2024

Roni Sengupta develops AI to modify images and works to make this technology more accessible to everyday creators.