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May 3, 2021

UNC CS researchers received multiple Best Paper awards at the 29th International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems (RTNS) held in April 2021. 

Doctoral student Nathan Otterness, working alongside Professor James Anderson, won Best Paper with a submission titled “Exploring AMD GPU Scheduling Details by Experimenting With “Worst Practices.” The paper focuses on GPU (graphics processing unit) technology by exploring the open-source software stack used by AMD GPUs. To document performance-critical factors in AMD GPU sharing, Otterness and Anderson intentionally used incorrect management to trigger terrible performance on the GPUs, exposing the critical importance of internal details.The full paper is available online, and the conference presentation can be found on the RTNS YouTube channel

Working with Professor Don Smith, doctoral student Tyler Yandrofski and undergraduate student Leo Chen were recognized with the Best Junior Workshop Paper Award for their paper “Towards Demystifying Cache Interference on NVIDIA GPUs.” In their work, Yandrofski and Chen worked to determine predictive cache performance on NVIDIA GPUs to avoid interference that would degrade performance. The full paper and all research submissions for the RTNS 2021 Best Junior Workshop can be found online.