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Principal Investigators

Funding Agency

Project Title

Agency No.

J. Aikat
K. Jeffay
National Science Foundation GENI Tutorial at ACM SIGCSE CNS-1332340
J. Aikat
K. Jeffay
BBN Technologies (National Science Foundation) GENI in the classroom: Course Modules for Teaching Networking Concepts  1906
R. Alterovitz National Science Foundation CAREER: Motion Assistance for Medical Robots IIS-1149965
R. Alterovitz
D. Manocha
National Science Foundation SHB:Small:Computing Robot Motions for Home Healthcare Assistance IIS-1117127
R. Alterovitz
M. Likhachev
S. Koenig
National Science Foundation Workshop: Robot Planning in the Real World: Challenges and Unsolved Problems IIS-1349355
R. Alterovitz National Science Foundation XPS: FULL: DSD: Parallel Motion Planning for Cloud-connected Robots CCF-1533844
R. Alterovitz NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Multi-lumen steerable needles for transoral access to lung nodules R21-EB017952
J. Anderson National Science Foundation CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative Research: Bringing the Multicore Revolution to Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems CNS-1239135
J. Anderson
S. Baruah
U.S. Army Research Office RT-SPACE: A Real-Time Stochastically-Provisioned Adaptive Container Environment W911NF-14-1-0499
J. Anderson
S. Baruah
Air Force Office of Scientific Research A Multicore Real-Time Mixed-Criticality Framework for Avionics FA9550-14-1-0161
J. Anderson
S. Baruah
General Motors Corporation Software Architecture and Support for Image Processing Using Controllers with Graphic Processing Units N/A
J. Anderson
S. Baruah
A. Berg
National Science Foundation  CPS: Synergy: Doing More With Less: Cost-Effective Infrastructure for Automotive Vision Capabilities CNS-1446631
J. Anderson National Science Foundation  Travel Subsidies for 2013 CPS PI Meeting CNS-1355325
J. Anderson National Science Foundation CSR: Medium: Supporting Real-Time Data Flows on Heterogeneous Multicore Platforms CNS-1563845
S. Baruah National Science Foundation CSR: Medium: Resource-efficient Implementation of Mixed-criticality Systems CNS-1409175
A. Berg National Science Foundation CAREER: Situated Recognition: learning to understand our local visual environment 1452851
A. Berg National Science Foundation NRI: Colloborative: Task Dependent Semantic Modeling for Robot Perception  IIS-1526367
A. Berg National Science Foundation NSF: XPS: DSD: Collaborative: FPGA Cloud Platform for Deep Learning, Applications in Computer Vision  CCF-1533771
T. Berg National Science Foundation CAREER: Toward a General Framework for Words and Pictures  IIS-1444234
T. Berg National Science Foundation RI: Medium: Integrating Humans and Computers for Image and Video Understanding  IIS-1445409
T. Berg National Science Foundation CI-New: Collaborative Research: Federated Data Set Infrastructure for Recognition Problems in Computer Vision  CNS-1405822
T. Berg National Science Foundation RI: Medium: Collaborative: Natural Language and Common-Sense Visual Knowledge for Image Understanding and Manipulation IIS-1562098
J.M. Frahm
S. Lazebnik
Applied Research Associates Inc. FINDER Program- WALDO S-001460.00001.UNC
J.M. Frahm ARA-CACI Smart Eyeball
J.M. Frahm U.S. Army Research Office SBIR: Automated Terrain Feature Characterization for Signature Modeling  W31P4Q-15-C-0124
J.M. Frahm U.S. Army Research Office MFC: DARPA: Baseline 3D Common World Model Evaluation
J.M. Frahm National Science Foundation II-New: Seeing the Future: Ubiquitous Computing in EyeGlasses  CNS-1405847
J.M. Frahm
E. Dunn Rivera
Mitre Corporation Unstructured Videos 105494
H. Fuchs National Science Foundation CHS: Small: Minimal-Latency Tracking and Display for Head-Worn Augmented Reality Systems  IIS-1423059
H. Fuchs National Science Foundation HCC: CGV: Small: Eyeglass-Style Multi-Layer Optical See-Through Displays for Augmented Reality IIS-1319567
K. Jeffay
J. Aikat
Raytheon Company Development of Educations and Training Resources for GENI Experimenters 14059
K. Jeffay Duke University (U.S. Army Research Office) TCSDLS: 3-year Extension (2014-2016) of the ‘Triangle Computer Science Distinguished Lecturer Series
J. Kaur
D. Shen
F.D. Smith
National Science Foundation SDCI NET: Development of an Ultra-high Speed End-to-end Transport Stack based on the Packet Scale Paradigm OCI-1127413
J. Kaur National Science Foundation NeTS: Small: Web Traffic Monitoring Using Anonymized TCP/IP Traces CNS-1526268
A. Lastra Impulsonic Inc. (National Science Foundation) SBIR Phase II: Cloud-based Acoustic Simulation Service 1456299
M. Lin U.S. Army Research Office ARO: Efficient Computational Models for Simulating Massive Crowds  BAA W911NF-12-R-0012
M. Lin National Science Foundation CGV: Small: Interactive Sound Rendering for Virtual Environments IIS-1320644
M. Lin  National Science Foundation EAGER: CyberManufacturing: A Modular System Design for Rapid Manufacturing of Customized Apparel  CMMI-1547106
M. Lin NIH National Cancer Institute SCH: EXP: Proactive Health Monitoring Using Individualized Analysis of Tissue Elasticity R01-EB020426
D. Manocha U.S. Army Research Office Efficient Numeric and Geometric Computations using Heterogeneous Shared Memory Architectures W911NF-14-1-0437
D. Manocha The Boeing Company Dense Crowd Simulation and Applications 2013-109
D. Manocha Kitware Inc. (National Institutes of Health) SBIR-Approach-specific, multi-GPU, multi-tool, high-realism neurosurgery simulation K000786-00-S04
D. Manocha
R. Alterovitz
J.M. Frahm
H. Fuchs
M. Lin
National Science Foundation II-NEW: A Robot Testbed for Real-time Motion Strategies and Autonomous Personal Assistants CNS-1305286
D. Manocha
Oculus Fast and Accurate Hybrid Solver for Helmholtz Wave Equation  1043543
D. Manocha
Six3 Advanced Systems Inc (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Real Time Motion Planning for High DOF robots in dynamic and human-like environments P000013727
L. McMillan NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIH: Systems Immunogenetics of Biodefense Pathogens in the Collaborative Cross  5U19AI100625-03
L. McMillan Jackson Laboratory Center for Genome Dynamics N/A
F. Monrose National Science Foundation NSF Support for the 2016 USENIX Security Symposium, Financial Aid; August 2016; Austin, Texas CNS-1521575
F. Monrose
M. Singh
National Science Foundation SDCI Sec: New Software Platforms for Supporting Network-wide Detection of Code Injection Attacks OCI-1127361
F. Monrose
E. Moreton
J. Smith
K. Pertsova
National Science Foundation TWC: Small: Toward Pronounceable Authentication Strings CNS-1318520
F. Monrose National Science Foundation TWC: TTP Option: Small: Collaborative: Scalable Techniques for Better Situational Awareness: Algorithmic Frameworks and Large-Scale Empirical Analyses CNS-1421703
F. Monrose U.S. Army Research Office Privacy on the Line: Next-Generation Defenses for Securing VoIP Communications W911NF-13-1-0270
M. Niethammer Kitware, Inc.  (NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering) STTR-Multimodality Image-Based Assessment System for Traumatic Brain Injury K000792-00-S01
M. Niethammer National Science Foundation CAREER: Estimation Methods for Image Registration ECCS-1148870
M. Niethammer National Science Foundation Optimal Control for the Analysis of Image Sequences ECCS-0925875
S. Nirjon National Science Foundation EAGER: Collaborative: Predictive Maintenance of HVAC Systems using Audio Sensing  CNS-1619967
S. Pizer  NIH National Cancer Institute NCI: Integration of Endoscopic and CT data for Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning 1-R01-CA158925-01A1
J. Prins
C. Jones
D. Chiang
Y. Liu
NIH National Human Genome Research Institute Unlocking transcript diversity via differential analyses of splice graphs R01-HG006272
J. Prins NIH National Human Genome Research Institute FELLOW:J WELCH Computational Modeling of Heterogeneous Gene Expression in Single Cells
M. Reiter National Science Foundation TC: Small: Server-side Verification of Client Behavior in Distributed Applications CNS-1115948
M. Reiter
J. Aikat
National Science Foundation TWC: Frontier: Collaborative: Rethinking Security in the Era of Cloud Computing CNS-1330599
M. Reiter National Science Foundation AitF: FULL: Collaborative Research: Practical Foundations for Software-Defined Network Optimization  CCF-1535917
M. Reiter U.S. Office of Naval Research Adaptive and Scalable Network Policy Enforcement N00014-13-1-0048
J. Snoeyink National Science Foundation AF: Small: Degree-driven design of geometric algorithms CCF-1018498
J. Snoeyink Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation (Department of Energy) Development of a Topologically-Consistent Particle Tracking Algorithm for Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Simulations PO 106482
C. Sturton National Science Foundation CRII: SaTC: Detecting Security Vulnerabilities in Instruction Set Architectures CNS-1464209
R.M. Taylor II NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering CISMM (Prime in Physics)
R.M. Taylor II   NIH National Cancer Institute NIH/NCI: Array Microscope Assay for Cancer Cell Mechanics (Sub of Physics 5-31957)  1R33CA155618-01A1
 L. Vicci  National Science Foundation MRI:Development of Pneumatic Water Wave Genesis: a versatile wavemaking instrument for the UNC Joint Fluids Lab  DMS-1229471