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Principal Investigators

Funding Agency

Project Title

Agency No.

R. Alterovitz Vanderbilt University Medical Center (NIH) Reaching inaccessible anatomy percutaneously via multi-lumen steerable needles 21135-S1
R. Alterovitz Case Western Reserve Robust Intelligent Manipulation and Apprenticeship Learning for Robotic Surgical RES504243
R. Alterovitz National Science Foundation CAREER: Motion Assistance for Medical Robots IIS-1149965
R. Alterovitz National Science Foundation SHB:Small:Computing Robot Motions for Home Healthcare Assistance IIS-1117127
J. Anderson U.S. Army Research Office A Real-Time Linux for Multicore Platforms W911NF-09-1-0535
J. Anderson Air Force Research Laboratory Enabling Next-Generation Multicore Platforms in Embedded Applications FA8750-11-1-0033
J. Anderson Air Force Office of Scientific Research Supporting Complex Real-Time Workloads on Multicore Platforms FA9550-09-1-0549
J. Anderson Northrop Grumman Supporting Mixed-Criticality Avionics Workloads on Multicore Platforms 2705892
J. Anderson
S. Baruah
National Science Foundation CSR: Small: A Comprehensive Framework for Real-Time Multiprocessor Synchronization CNS-1115284
J. Anderson
S. Baruah
National Science Foundation EHCS(EHS), TM: Real-Time Synchronization on Multicore Platforms CNS-0834132
S. Baruah
J. Anderson
National Science Foundation EHCS (EHS), SM: Formal foundations of real-time systems analysis: Principles and potential pitfalls CNS-0834270
S. Baruah National Science Foundation CSR: Small: Formal Foundations of Certifiable Mixed-criticality Systems CNS-1016954
F. Brooks, Jr.
M. Whitton
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Computer Intergrated Systems for Microscopy & Manipulation 2-P41-EB002025-26A1
P. Dewan National Science Foundation HCC-Small:Collaborative Mixed-Initiative Access Control IIS-0810861
J.M. Frahm
F. Monrose
National Science Foundation EAGER: Automatic Reconstruction of Typed Input from Compromising Reflections IIS-1148895
J.M. Frahm The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Fast 3D Reconstruction and Visualization for Explosive Ordinance Disposal for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (EOD for UGVs) 69-200910
J. M. Frahm Honda Research Institute USA, Inc Large Scale Localization and Indexing 206-000062
J.M. Frahm Texas A&M University Real-Time Stereo-Vision Processing and Algorithm Development for Application to Space Rendezvous Operations prot
J.M. Frahm National Science Foundation RI: Small: Modeling and Recognition of Landmarks and Urban Environments IIS-0916829
J.M. Frahm Applied Research Associates Ultra-Vis Phase 2A S-000066.00008.UN
J.M. Frahm
M. Pollefeys
US Department of Energy 3D worlds for Change Detection, Compression, Stabilization and Tracking in Aerial Video DE-FG52-08NA28778
H. Fuchs Cisco Systems, Inc. Prototype for Two-Station, Four-Person, Proper Eye-Gaze Telepresence System N/A
H. Fuchs
National Science Foundation CRI:IAD Integrated Projector-Camera Modules for the Capture and Creation of Wide-Area Immersive Experiences CNS-0751187
H. Fuchs
G. Welch
Office of Naval Research Behavior Analysis and Synthesis for Intelligent Training BASE-IT N00014-08-C-0349
K. Jeffay RayetheonNational Science Foundation Development of Educations and Training Resources for GENI Experimenters 14059
A. Lastra
M. Singh
National Science Foundation Power Aware Graphics Hardware CCF-0702712
S.Lazebnik National Science Foundation CAREER: Similarity-based representation of large-scale image collections IIS-0845629
S. Lazebnik US Department of the Interior Vision Methods for Open-Universe Datasets N11AP20010
S. Lazebnik Duke/U.S. Army Research Office Density Estimation and Anomaly Detection in Large Social Networks 09-ARO-1103
M. Lin National Science Foundation HCC: Small: Interactive Auditory Displays IIS-0917040
D. Manocha
M. Lin
U.S.Army Research Office Experiential Technologies for Urban Warfare and Disaster Response W91CRB-08-C-0137
D. Manocha
M. Lin
National Science Foundation GOALI: Digital Layout and Assembly of Large CAD Structures CMMI-1000579
D. Manocha
M. Lin
National Science Foundation Peta-Flops Acoustic Simulation OCI-0904990
D. Manocha U.S. Army Research Office Interactive Computational Algorithms for Acoustic Simulation in Complex Environments W911NF-10-1-0506
D. Manocha National Science Foundation Travel Support for Workshop on Modeling, Simulation and Visual Analysis of Large Crowds IIS-1142382
D. Manocha King Abdullah University of Science Interactive, Large-Scaled, Heterogeneous Crowd 2011-062-1
D. Manocha
M. Lin
Impulsonic Inc. (US Army Research Office) STTR: Interactive Acoustic Simulation N/A
F. Monrose National Science Foundation CAREER: Towards Effective Identification of Application Behaviors in Encrypted Traffic CNS-0852649
F. Monrose National Science Foundation NSF Support for the 2011 USENIX Security Symposium, Financial Aid; August 2011; San Francisco CA CNS-1115657
F. Monrose
M. Singh
National Science Foundation SDCI Sec: New Software Platforms for Supporting Network-wide Detection of Code Injection Attacks OCI-1127361
F. Monrose National Science Foundation TC: SMALL: Collaborative Research: Scalable Malware Analysis using Lightweight Virtualization CNS-0915364
F. Monrose National Science Foundation TC:Small:Exploring Privacy Breaches in Encrypted VoIP Communications CCF-1017318
M. Niethammer National Library of Medicine ARRA-Adding Deconvolution Algorithms to ITK HHSN276201000581P
M. Niethammer Brigham and Women’s Hospital Computational Morphometry in Schizophrenia and Related Disorders 104624
M. Niethammer National Science Foundation CAREER: Estimation Methods for Image Registration ECCS-1148870
M. Niethammer National Science Foundation Optimal Control for the Analysis of Image Sequences ECCS-0925875
M. Niethammer National Institute of Arthritis Musculoskeletal Skin Disease Automatic Quantitative Analysis of MR Images of the Knee in Osteoarthritis 1-R21-AR059890-01A1
S. Pizer National Institutes of Health Deformable mapping of MRI and MRSI data to TRUS images to guide prostate biopsy 5-R21-CA129775-01-02
S. Pizer Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research Respiratory Motion-Reduced Cone-Beam CT Guidance of Radiotherapy in Lung & Liver BD513125
J. Prins University of Kentucky ABI: Exon Splice Pattern Characterization of the Whole mRNA Transcriptome 3048106073-10-330
M. Reiter National Science Foundation CyberTrust Center: Security Through Interaction Modeling (ST.IM) CNS-0756998
M. Reiter National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: CT-L: CLEANSE: Cross-Layer Large-Scale Efficient Analysis of Network Activities to Secure the Internet CNS-0831245
M. Reiter Office of Naval Research Advanced security policy enforcement for tomorrow’s reconfigurable systems N00014-10-1-0155
M. Reiter National Science Foundatioin FIA: Collaborative Research: MobilityFirst: A Robust and Trustworthy Architecture for the Future Mobile Internet CNS-1040626
M. Reiter National Science Foundation TC: Large: Collaborative Research: Trustworthy Virtual Cloud Computing CNS-0910483
M. Reiter National Science Foundation TC: Small: Server-side Verification of Client Behavior in Distributed Applications CNS-1115948
J. Sahni-Kaur National Science Foundation NeTS:Small:The Packet-Scale Paradigm: Realizing End-to-end Congestion-control for Terabit Networks CNS-1018596
J. Sahni-Kaur
F.D. Smith
National Science Foundation SDCI NET: Development of an Ultra-high Speed End-to-end Transport Stack based on the Packet Scale Paradigm OCI-1127413
J. Snoeyink National Science Foundation AF: Small: Degree-driven design of geometric algorithms CCF-1018498
J. Snoeyink Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory Development of a Volume Calculation Algorithm for Implicit Surface Geometric Representations 3020880
J. Snoeyink Duke University Low-Resolution Interiors and Interfaces Can Achieve High-Resolution Accuracy 159285
R.M. Taylor II Sandia National Laboratories Scalable Statistical Visualization Components 1211115
R. M. Taylor II National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation 2-P41-EB002025-21A1
R.M. Taylor II Michigan State University (NSF) CDI-TPE II: From Models and Data Knowledge 61-2482NC / 0941373
W. Wang National Science Foundation CAREER: Mining Salient Localized Patterns in Complex Data IIS-0448392
W. Wang Jackson Lab Genome Dynamics: Evolution, Organization and Function 00000062
W. Wang National Science Foundation III: Small: Supporting US-Based Students to Attend the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2011) IIS-1138800
W. Wang National Science Foundation Women in Bioinformatics Initiative at ACM BCB 2011 IIS-1137427
W. Wang
J. Prins
National Science Foundation III-Core: Discovering and Exploring Patterns in Subspaces IIS-0812464
G. Welch Department of Energy Advanced Kalman Filter for Real-Time Responsiveness in Complex Systems DE-SC0002271
G. Welch U.S. Office of Naval Research 3D Display and Capture of Humans for Live Virtual Training N00014-09-1-0813