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Speaker: Dr. Steven Feiner, Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Title: “Environment Management for Augmented Reality”
Host School: N.C. State University

28 JANUARY 2002 
Speaker: Dr. Nicholas Pippenger, Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia
Title: “Computation in the Presence of Noise: Classical and Quantum”
Host School: N.C. State University

11 FEBRUARY 2002 
Speaker: Dr. Anita K. Jones, Department of Computer Science, School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Title: “Cyber Security–The Weak Link”
Host School: UNC-Chapel Hill

18 FEBRUARY 2002 
Speaker: Dr. Bruce Randall Donald, Departments of Computer Science & Chemistry, Center for Structural Biology and Computational Chemistry, Dartmouth College
Title: “Algorithmic Challenges in Structural Molecular Biology”
Host School: UNC-Chapel Hill

25 FEBRUARY 2002 
Speaker: Dr. Lixia Zhang, Department of Computer Science, University of California at Los Angeles
Title: “How to Scale”
Host School: N.C. State University

18 MARCH 2002 
Speaker: Dr. Richard Karp, Computer Science Division, University of California, Berkeley
Title: “Accessing Data In Peer-to-Peer Networks and Other Large Distributed Networks”
Host School: Duke University

8 APRIL 2002 
Speaker: Dr. Leslie Lamport, Microsoft Research
Title: “Paxos Made Simple”
Host School: UNC-Chapel Hill

22 APRIL 2002 
Speaker: Dr. Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research
Title: “Uncertainty, Intelligence, and Interaction”
Host School: Duke University