March 5th-8th

There is a misconception that the only way to support women in tech is by being a woman in the tech field, but there are so many things anyone can do to make the technical community more open and supportive of women. UNC CS Women in Tech Week (March 5-8) aims to start a conversation about ways to support women in tech and make the tech environment at UNC a more open and accepting community. How will you support #UNCCSwomenintech?

For more information about the speakers and to RSVP for the talks, visit the WiCS page.

Women in Tech Week 2018 schedule

Why Do Women in Tech Need Support?

Are you skeptical about the gender gap within the tech community? Do you doubt whether it really exists? Do you believe that it’s easier to get a job in tech as a woman? Or do you think that women have never been at a disadvantage for entering tech?

We invite you to spend some time reading a diverse array of articles and studies highlighting why the gender gap in tech exists, what is causing it, and what it means for women in tech. We hope that you will be able to learn a little more about why we have created the Women in Tech Week. The list of articles below highlights a diverse array of opinions on the topic with many different sources you can turn to for further reading.

Unconscious Bias/Sexism

Is the Gender Gap Real?

Written by Men

Sexual Harassment in Tech:

How to Help

Inspiring Women in Tech