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Please contact the CS Accounting Team BEFORE doing anything regarding your travel or your students’ travel: and any member of the team can help you.

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Approval and funding

All travel which includes airfare, lodging, and/or per diem must be pre-authorized in advance of travel. Please do not book your own travel or let your students book theirs, as you/they may not be reimbursed. You can no longer book or pay for travel with your personal credit/debit cards. You must use your CS T&E card (not your pcard) for travel and business expense management.

If you are thinking about traveling, or sending your student(s) on a trip, please allow ample lead time to process the trip. This is a lengthy process that may not be completed within a single business day.

Pre-authorization is obtained by submitting a Travel Request in Concur, in advance of travel. This process is required for all travel by university employees, regardless of the funding source. If you are a faculty member, please just email with your travel dates, funding source, purpose, and any preferences/restrictions and one of us can create the Travel Request for you.

International Travel

In addition, University-affiliated international travel is prohibited unless it is pre-approved through the processes outlined on the UNC Global – International Travel site.

Virtual conferences

As these have no overnight travel associated with them, the transaction does not need to be processed through Concur, but you may use your T&E card if you wish. Virtual registrations can also be paid for with a UNC pcard. Please contact the Accounting team at to help you with conference registration or to help you with the pcard application process, if you would like to have one.


The cost of meals during your trip will be reimbursed using per diem rates. If you pay for meals using your T&E card, you need to send receipts to and we will mark them as personal-do not reimburse. If you pay using a personal credit card, then you do not need to send in receipts.

Helpful Forms

Traveler Expense Sheet

Student Travel Template

Missing Receipt Affidavit

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