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Please contact the CS Accounting Team BEFORE doing anything regarding student travel: and any member of the team can help you.

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Information Template

Please fill out the Student Travel Template and return it to We need this before we can help with anything.

Approval and Funding

Please have your sponsoring faculty member send their approval and funding source information for these travel expenses to

International Travel

If your trip is outside of the US, you will need to complete a Travel Waiver Request through the RASR ticketing system. Please contact us at for further instructions. This process takes a long time. Please give us at least 60 days’ notice. Please read all the information at by clicking on +Graduate Student Research Travel.

Conference Registrations (if any)

Conference registrations should be paid for using the pcard of your sponsoring faculty member. Send the receipt to Have your sponsoring faculty member send their approval and funding source to If your faculty sponsor does not have a pcard, contact us at and we will help you.


Please DO NOT book or pay for these with any personal funds. We will book the flight reservations for you through our travel agent World Travel using the information you provided in the Student Travel Template link above.


UNC prefers that you book the hotels recommended by the conference or within a reasonable distance/price. Third-Party Lodging can be reserved, but the University requests this to be approved prior to the trip. Please fill out the Non-Hotel Lodging Authorization Request form and return to

You can pay for the lodging out of pocket and be reimbursed upon your return or you can use your sponsoring faculty member’s pcard ahead of time. Hotel/lodging fees are typically not acceptable expenses for pcards and require pcard office approval BEFORE YOU PAY FOR YOUR RESERVATION. Please fill out the Student Travel Form if you need this approval and return it to


The cost of meals during your trip will be reimbursed using per diem rates. You do not need to keep receipts for meals, although you will need to pay for those meals yourself.

Ground Transportation & any additional expenses

You will need to pay for these (subway, rideshare, taxi, etc.) out of pocket and upon your return submit receipts for reimbursement.


Upon your return from your trip, please

  1. fill out the Expense worksheet,
  2. scan all your receipts, and
  3. submit to the accounting email ( so that we can reimburse you.

Your student records

If we need to create you as a UNC supplier so that we can reimburse you for expenses,

  1. please go into the Student Workcenter in ConnectCarolina and change your address to your local address.
  2. please fill out the ACH form, attach a voided blank check, sign it, and scan it back to

(If you do not have a blank check from your bank account, ask the bank to send you an email on their letterhead including your name, the bank routing # and your account #, and you can send that in with the form instead.)

If you are having trouble accessing these embedded links, please read further. Non-Google links work without a problem. However, for the Google links to function properly, you must have up-to-date Microsoft Office and Chrome installed. Otherwise, you can manually copy the link and navigate to the link yourself.