Instructions And Forms For Department Personnel

Important information you need PRIOR to planning your trip

  • Airline Reservations and Fees
  • Meals
  • Parking
    • Make sure you keep your receipt for parking. This may not be reimbursed if you do not have the receipt and you only have a memo. A receipt for parking is required.
  • Policy concerning personal use of car versus motor pool (PLEASE READ POLICY)
    • To insure compliance with this regulation, Travel Services will require a statement be included, by the traveler, that he/she attempted to obtain a state car/vehicle rental and the reason the personal vehicle was selected. This has been in effect for trips beginning on or after June 2, 2003.
  • Travel Request Form
    • Travel Advance Form – Before Trip (Submit Travel Advance Form for conference registration fees before trip).
      • Conference registration fees are an allowable business expense for University employees. The registration fees may be paid directly to the conference prior to attendance by submitting a travel request form along with a copy of the conference brochure showing the fees and the various other elements of cost included in the registration fee.
      • Registration cost reimbursements prior to the event are no longer allowable under Travel rules. If a traveler chooses to pay for conference registration with their own monies, Travel Services may issue the amount as a Travel Advance to reimburse the cost only if there is a justification.
      • To learn more about the policy update on registrations and policy exceptions, please go to: Policy 1309 – Registration Fees
    • Travel Expense Form – After Trip (Submit Travel Expense Form with receipts after the completion of the trip).
      • Traveler is required to submit travel expenses within 30 days of the completion of the trip. If travel expenses are not submitted within 30 days of the completion of the trip, in order for the traveler to be pay this reimbursement, there must be an explanation as to why this travel was not submitted within the 30 day time frame. This is the university’s policy form Section 5.0.2 section of the State of NC Manual.
      • To learn more about the policy update on registrations and policy exceptions, please go to: Procedure 1308.1 – Reimbursing Travel Expenses
  • Central Airfare Billing System (CABS)

Instructions And Forms For Non-Department Personnel