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This page contains a partial list of calendars in use in the department. If you are scheduling an event such as a visitor or colloquium, we suggest that you send an email to deptcal with the information about the event.

For help using Google calendars, see the Google calendar help page or the CS Department’s Calendar Information page.

Public Calendars

  • Triangle Computer Science Distinguished Lecturer Series, colloquia (including faculty candidate talks), defenses, and corporate events (recruiting talks and the like).
  • Other Events This calendar is for events such as Candidates’s Day, Research Fair, workshops, conferences we hosts, one-time meetings, and so on.
  • Corporate Events This calendar list all Corporate Recruiting events, e.g., tech talks, lobby tables, info sessions, career fairs, networking sessions/opportunities, in the department and on campus.
  • Class Schedules This calendar shows the schedules for Computer Science classes.
  • UNC Holidays
  • UNC Abbreviated Academic Calendar This includes exam days, semester start and stop dates, work days with no class, reading days, and commencement. University Holidays are shown on a separate calendar.
  • Undergraduate Events Calendar This includes club meetings scheduled in Sitterson Hall and Brooks Building as well as other department events for undergraduates.
  • Committees

Department-Access-Only Calendars