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Fringe Benefit and Health Insurance

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Rates

Computer Services Recharge Center

Disk Space Fees

The Department of Computer Science provides all users of its systems with home directory space through its Computer Services Recharge Center. The department also provides research projects additional backed up disk space on departmental servers. Fees for this disk space are now based on a five-year useful lifetime for the servers, beginning 1/1/2013 and ending 12/31/2017.

The current rate is $4/gigabyte for five years’ use of the space. Disk space is currently available in 8, 16, and 32 gigabyte increments. The charge to use an 8 GB partition for the whole five years is ($4/GB) X (8 GB) = $32. The fee is prorated monthly, so, for example, if a project wants to obtain 8 GB starting on 7/1/2013 and ending on 12/31/2017, the charge is (54/60 months) X ($4/GB) X (8 GB) = $29.

PC Backup Fees

The Department of Computer Science provides the following backup services:

  • Unlimited backup and cloud storage via the Google drive service, including Backup and Sync. Users are responsible for setting up their workstations for backup to google, please send email to help if you need help to do this.
  • AFS home directory backups
  • Backed up file server spaces on, and
  • Core servers provided by Computer Services are backed up.
  • Playpen spaces, lab and other public computers are not backed up.

Student Compensation

Check this page for Student Compensation costs.

Graduate Student Tuition

The in-state tuition portion of a student’s tuition  and student fees are  paid by the source of their salary support. The out-of-state portion of their tuition is paid from the department’s tuition remission allocation if the student has a guarantee of support. Non-guaranteed students are responsible fr paying their out of state tuition.

For proposal budget purposes, please use the following:

Academic YR Tuition Total Fees
AY 19-20 $5,276 per semester* $981.82 per Semester
AY 20-21 $5,487.04 $1,021.09 per Semester

*Inflated by 4% of previous year. This is an estimate as tuition rates are set annually by the NC Legislature.

Charges for Attendance (Tuition and Fee Rates)

NIH Salary Cap

Direct vs. F&A Charges to Sponsored Agreements

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Hiring Postdocs

Proposal Preparation

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Sample Budget Justification


PC Support

Standard systems

The Department’s faculty agreed to standardize on Dell systems in 1997 and later added IBMs when the University gave the department IBM CCI computers.  Since Lenovo bought IBM’s workstation and laptop division and the CCI contract was awarded to Lenovo, we now support Lenovo systems as well, and we will continue to support the remaining IBMs.  Standardizing on two vendors allows Computer Services to handle PC support most efficiently, because each vendor has different mechanisms for ordering and support, different sets of drivers, different hardware and software support issues, and each has its own learning curve associated with providing support.  In addition, standardizing makes it possible to create a system disk image, including all of our standard applications and drivers, and install this on a Dell or IBM/Lenovo system in about 90 minutes, versus doing hand installations, which take at least four to six hours.  Further, Dell provides hardware support training and a streamlined method, available only to trained technicians, for ordering warranty and repair parts. Handling standard systems efficiently allows maximization of time available for other areas of support.  Support on Dells and IBM/Lenovos includes:  configuring, ordering, hardware setup, system software installation, installation of a standard suite of applications, installation of other applications by request, warranty work on Dells, management of warranty work on IBM/Lenovos through the campus, post-warranty repairs, system security support, and system and application software troubleshooting.

Nonstandard systems

For PC systems other than Dells and IBM/Lenovos, support is typically limited to unboxing, assigning an IP address, adding the system to the computer science domain, connecting to the network, delivery, and providing CDs for installation of applications.

In addition, when there is a specific need for a research group to buy a non-standard system, Computer Services will provide general guidance on system configuration, process the paperwork, and provide limited hardware and software support as workload permits.  This may include but is not limited to system setup, software installation, basic operating system and hardware troubleshooting, patching systems, and assisting with security.  The amount of support to be provided on a given system is determined on a case by case basis.

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