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Active Patents

Pat. No.: 7,627,861
Title: Methods, systems, and computer program products for identifying computer program source code constructs
Date: 1 December 2009
Inventors: Jason McColm Smith, Paul David Stotts

Pat. No.: 7,447,209
Title: Methods, systems, and computer program products for modeling and simulating application-level traffic characteristics in a network based on transport and network layer header information
Date: 4 November 2008
Inventors: Kevin Jeffay, Felix Hernandez-Campos, F. Donelson Smith, Andrew B. Nobel

Pat. No.: 7,385,708
Title: Methods and systems for laser based real-time structured light depth extraction
Date: 10 June 2008
Inventors: Jeremy D. Ackerman, Kurtis P. Keller

Pat. No.: 7,200,251
Title: Methods and systems for modeling objects and object image data using medial atoms
Date: 3 April 2007
Inventors: Sarang Joshi, Edward L. Chaney, Stephen M. Pizer, Thomas P. Fletcher, and Andrew Thall

Pat. No.: 7,191,092
Title: Methods and systems for controlling motion of and tracking a mechanically unattached probe
Date: 13 March 2007
Inventors: Leandra Vicci and Richard Superfine

Pat. No.: 7,189,969
Title: Methods and systems for controlling motion of and tracking a mechanically unattached probe
Date: 13 March 2007
Inventors: Leandra Vicci and Richard Superfine

Pat. No.: 7,182,465
Title: Methods, systems, and computer program products for imperceptibly embedding structured light patterns in projected color images for display on planar and non-planar surfaces
Date: 27 February 2007
Inventors: Henry Fuchs, Daniel Cotting, Martin Naef, and Markus Gross

Pat. No.: 7,119,645
Title: Methods and Systems for Controlling Motion of and Tracking a Mechanically Unattached Probe
Date: 10 October 2006
Inventors: Leandra Vicci and Richard Superfine

Pat. No.: 7,068,274
Title: System and Method for Animating Real Objects With Projected Images
Date: 27 June 2006
Inventors: Greg Welch, Kok-Lim Low, and Ramesh Raskar

Pat. No.: 6,960,984
Title: Methods and systems for reactively compensating magnetic current loops
Date: 1 November 2005
Inventors: Leandra Vicci, Wayne Dettloff

Pat. No.: 6,930,681
Title: System and Method for Registering Multiple Images with Three-Dimensional Objects
Date: 16 August 2005
Inventors: Greg Welch, Ramesh Raskar, and Kok-Lim Low

Pat. No.: 6,756,993
Title: Methods and apparatus for rendering images using 3D warping techniques
Date: 29 June 2004
Inventors: Voicu Popescu, Anselmo Lastra, John Eyles

Pat. No.: 6,720,855
Title: Magnetic Flux Conduits
Date: 13 April 2004
Inventor: Leandra Vicci

Pat. No.: 6,690,816
Title: Systems and methods for tubular object processing
Date: 10 February 2004
Inventors: Stephen R. Aylward, Elizabeth Bullitt, Daniel Fritsch, Stephen M. Pizer

Pat. No.: 6,677,956
Title: Method for cross-fading intensities of multiple images of a scene for seamless reconstruction
Date: 13 January 2004
Inventors: Ramesh Raskar, Gregory F. Welch, Kok-Lim Low

Pat. No.: 6,556,628
Title: Methods and systems for transmitting and receiving differential signals over a plurality of conductors
Date: 29 April 2003
Inventors: John Poulton, Stephen Tell, Robert Palmer

Pat. No.: 6,503,195
Title: Methods and Systems for Real-time Structured Light Depth Extraction and Endoscope
Date: 7 January 2003
Inventors: Kurtis Keller, Jeremy Ackerman, Michael Rosenthal, Henry Fuchs,
and Andrei State.

Pat. No.: 6,424,351
Title: Methods and systems for producing three-dimensional images using relief textures
Date: 23 July 2002
Inventors: Thomas Bishop, Manuel M. de Oliveira Neto

Pat. No.: 6,175,329
Title: Automatic Emergency and Position Indicator
Date: 16 January 2001
Inventor: Leandra Vicci

Pat. No.: 6,131,078
Title: Method for design verification of hardware and non-hardware systems
Date: 10 October 2000
Inventor: David Plaisted

Pat. No.: 6,064,749
Title: Hybrid Tracking for Augmented Reality Using both Camera Motion Detection and Landmark Tracking
Date: 16 May 2000
Inventors: Gentaro Hirota and Andrei State

Pat. No.: 5,926,568
Title: Image Object Matching Using Core Analysis and Deformable Shape Loci
Date: 20 July 1999
Inventors: Edward L. Chaney, Daniel S. Fritsch, Stephen M. Pizer, Valen Johnson, and Alyson G. Wilson

Pat. No.: 5,892,754
Title: User Controlled Adaptive Flow Control for Packet Networks
Date: April 6, 1999
Inventors: Vachaspathi P. Kompella, James P. Gray, Frank D. Smith, Kevin Jeffay

Pat. No.: 5,870,136
Title: Dynamic Generation of Imperceptible Structured Light for Tracking and Acquisition of Three Dimensional Scene Geometry and Surface Characteristics in Interactive Three Dimensional Computer Graphics Applications
Date: Feb. 9, 1999
Inventors: Henry Fuchs, Mark A. Livingston, Gary Bishop, and Gregory F. Welch

Pat. No.: 5,777,795
Title: Optical path extender for compact imaging display systems
Date: July 7, 1998
Inventors: Colucci, D’Nardo

Pat. No.: 5,610,765
Title: Optical Path Extender for Compact Imaging Display Systems
Date: Mar. 11, 1997
Inventor: D’nardo Colucci

Pat. No.: 5,481,669
Title: Architecture and Apparatus for Image Generation Utilizing Enhanced Memory Devices
Date: Jan. 2, 1996
Inventors: John W. Poulton, Steven E. Molnar, and John G. Eyles

Pat. No.: 5,387,885
Title: Salphasic Distribution of Timing Signals for the Synchronization of Physically Separated Entities
Date: Feb. 7, 1995
Inventor: Vernon L. Chi

Pat. No.: 5,388,206
Title: Architecture and Apparatus for Image Generation
Date: Feb. 7, 1995
Inventors: John W. Poulton, Steven E. Molnar, and John G. Eyles

Pat. No.: 4,827,445
Title: Image Buffer Having Logic-Enhanced Pixel Memory Cells and Method for Setting Values Therein
Date: May 2, 1989
Inventor: Henry Fuchs

Pat. No.: 4,783,649
Title: VLSI Graphics Display Image Buffer Using Logic Enhanced Pixel Memory Cells
Date: Nov. 8, 1988
Inventors: Henry Fuchs and John W. Poulton

Pat. No.: 4,590,465
Title: Graphics Display System Using Logic-Enhanced Pixel Memory Cells
Date: May 20, 1986
Inventor: Henry Fuchs

Inactive Patents

Pat. No.: 4,607,255
Title: Three Dimensional Display Using a Varifocal Mirror
Date: Aug. 19, 1986
Inventor: Henry Fuchs and Stephen M. Pizer