The BeingThere International Research Centre for Tele-Presence and Tele-Collaboration is a collaboration between Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, ETH Zurich (Switzerland), and UNC Chapel Hill. This $ 18 million centre is funded by the three universities and the Media Development Authority of Singapore. The initial four projects/prototypes are

  1. a 3D telepresence room (as illustrated above), Click here for more information
  2. a mobile 3D display of a remote person,
  3. a mobile robotic mannequin, and
  4. autonomous virtual human technology.

Directors of the centre are Professors Nadia Thalmann (NTU Singapore), Markus Gross (ETH Zurich), and Henry Fuchs (UNC Chapel Hill).

For general introduction to the Centre, please see the announcement here.

We are especially eager to hire one or two postdocs.

The rest of the site is still under construction.