UNC Computer Science has 38 tenured and tenure-track faculty, research-track faculty and lecturers. Our faculty includes two National Academy of Engineering members, one American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow, six ACM Fellows, six IEEE Fellows, one member of the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame and one emeritus faculty Turing Award winner. Our award-winning faculty are recognized internationally for their groundbreaking research and area expertise.

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Stan Ahalt

Director, Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)

(82) Ph.D. 1986, Clemson. Signal, image, and video processing; high-performance scientific and industrial computing; pattern recognition applied to national security problems; high-productivity, domain specific languages.

Jay Aikat

Research Associate Professor
Chief Operating Officer, Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)

(126) Ph.D. 2010, UNC-Chapel Hill. Experimental methods and models in networking research and education; measurement and modeling of Internet traffic, protocol benchmarking; Internet traffic generation, wireless networks, congestion control and active queue management.

Ron Alterovitz

Director of Graduate Admissions

(99) Ph.D. 2006, UC Berkeley. Medical robotics; motion planning; physically-based simulation; assistive robotics; medical image analysis.

James Anderson

Kenan Professor

(62) Ph.D. 1990, Texas. Real-time systems; distributed and concurrent algorithms; multicore computing; operating systems.

Mohit Bansal

John R. and Louise S. Parker Associate Professor

(139) Ph.D. UC Berkeley, 2013. Statistical natural language processing and machine learning, with a focus on multimodal, grounded, and embodied semantics (i.e., language with vision and speech, for robotics), human-like language generation and Q&A/dialogue, and interpretable and structured deep learning.

Alexander C. Berg

Research Associate Professor

(134) Ph.D. UC Berkeley, 2005. Computer vision, machine learning, recognition, detection, large-scale learning for computer vision, machine-learning analysis of fmri.

Samarjit Chakraborty

William R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor

(148) Ph.D. 2003, ETH Zurich. Distributed embedded systems, hardware/software co-design, embedded control systems, low-power systems, energy storage systems, electromobility, and sensor network-based information processing.

Snigdha Chaturvedi

Assistant Professor

(158) Ph.D. 2016, Maryland. Natural language understanding, narrative understanding, social NLP, applications of ML and NLP.

Prasun Dewan


(63) Ph.D. 1986, Wisconsin. User interfaces; distributed collaboration; software engineering environments; mobile computing; access control.

Parasara Sridhar Duggirala

Assistant Professor

(144) Ph.D. Illinois, 2015. Cyber-Physical Systems, Formal Methods, Control Theory, Hybrid Systems, Autonomy, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Probabilistic Systems.

Michael J. Fern

Professor of the Practice of Entrepreneurship
Associate Chair for Finance & Administration

(135) Ph.D. 2005, Strategic Management, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC – Chapel Hill. Leadership, strategy, customer value creation, innovation & entrepreneurship, business development

Jan-Michael Frahm

Research Professor

(97) Ph.D. 2005, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany. Structure from motion; camera self-calibration; camera sensor systems; multi-camera systems; multi-view stereo; robust estimation; fast tracking of salient features in images and video; computer vision; active vision for model improvement; markerless augmented reality.

Henry Fuchs

Federico Gil Distinguished Professor

(11) Ph.D. 1975, Utah. Virtual environments; telepresence; future office environments; 3D medical imaging; computer vision and robotics.

Kevin Jeffay

Gillian Cell Distinguished Professor and Department Chair
(40) Ph.D. 1989, Washington. Computer networking; operating systems; real-time systems; multimedia networking; performance evaluation.


Kris Jordan

Teaching Associate Professor

(140) M.S. 2008, Brown. Computer science education, educational technology, internet systems, entrepreneurship.

Tessa Joseph-Nicholas

Teaching Professor

(86) Ph.D. 2008, UNC-Chapel Hill. New media arts and poetics, digital communities, and digital-age ethics.

Jasleen Kaur

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

(88) Ph.D. 2002, Texas-Austin. Design and analysis of networks and distributed systems; high-speed congestion-control, resource management, Internet measurements, and transport protocols.

Ashok Krishnamurthy

Research Professor
Deputy Director, Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)

(137) Ph.D.1983, Florida. Data analytics with applications in healthcare and social science, high-end computing for modeling and simulation, advanced computational tools to improve industrial productivity through virtual product and process development, digital processing to extract information from images, audio and other signals.

David Luebke

Research Professor
Vice President of Research, NVIDIA

Ph.D. 1998, UNC-Chapel Hill. Computer graphics, display technology, ray tracing, virtual and augmented reality.

John Majikes

Teaching Assistant Professor

(147) Ph.D. 2017, N.C. State. Computational and Design Techniques for a Semi-Autonomous Computerized Dog-Training System with Timing and Accuracy Performance Comparable to a Professional Dog Trainer.

Dinesh Manocha

Research Professor
Phi Delta Theta/Matthew Mason Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1992, California-Berkeley.

Ketan Mayer-Patel

Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies

(80) Ph.D. 1999, UC Berkeley. Multimedia systems; networking; multicast applications.

Leonard McMillan

Associate Professor

(87) Ph.D. 1997, UNC-Chapel Hill. Computational biology; genetics; genomics; bioinformatics; information visualization; data-driven modeling; image processing; imaging technologies; computer graphics.

Fabian Monrose

Kenan Professor

(91) Ph.D., 1999, New York University. Computer and communications security and privacy; computer forensics; network security; operating system security; user authentication; data provenance; secure virtual enclaves.

Brent Munsell

Teaching Assistant Professor
Adjunct Research Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

(159) Ph.D. 2009, University of South Carolina. Medical image analysis, shape modeling, brain connectivity, machine learning, and computational medicine.

Marc Niethammer

Associate Chair for Academic Affairs
(98) Ph.D. 2004, Georgia Tech. Medical image analysis; shape analysis, image segmentation, deformable registration, image-based estimation methods.

Shahriar Nirjon

Assistant Professor

(136) Ph.D. 2014, Virginia. Mobile Computing (OS, Services and Applications); Embedded Sensor Systems (Hardware-Software Co-Design, Wearables); Wireless Networks (Mobile, WSN, and other RF); Data Analytics for Mobile Systems (Mobile Health, IoT, and Cloud).

Junier Oliva

Assistant Professor

(142) Ph.D. 2018, Carnegie Mellon. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, nonparametric statistics, deep learning, statistical data mining, signal processing, graphical models, generative models, kernel methods, scalability, complex datasets, optimization, density estimation.

Stephen M. Pizer

Kenan Professor

(6) Ph.D. 1967, Harvard. Image display and analysis; medical imaging; human and computer vision; graphics.

David A. Plaisted


(28) Ph.D. 1976, Stanford. Mechanical theorem proving; term rewriting systems; logic programming; algorithms.

Donald Porter

Associate Professor

(138) Ph.D. 2010, Texas. Operating systems; virtualization; file systems; security; concurrent programming.


Diane Pozefsky

Research Professor

(93) Ph.D. 1979, UNC-Chapel Hill. Software engineering and environments; computer education; serious games design and development; social, legal, and ethical issues concerning information technology.

Jan F. Prins


(33) Ph.D. 1987, Cornell. High performance computing: parallel algorithms, programming languages, compilers, and architectures; scientific computing with focus on computational biology and bioinformatics.

Colin Raffel

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. 2016, Columbia. Machine learning techniques, especially semi-supervised, unsupervised, and transfer learning methods for learning from limited labeled data.

Mike Reed

Professor of the Practice
Engineering Director, Google Chapel Hill

M.A. 1988, UNC-Chapel Hill. Computer graphics.

Michael K. Reiter

Research Professor

(95) Ph.D. 1993, Cornell. Computer and network security; distributed systems; applied cryptography.

Montek Singh

Associate Professor

(84) Ph.D. 2002, Columbia. High-performance and low-power digital systems; asynchronous and mixed-timing circuits and systems; VLSI CAD tools; energy-efficient graphics hardware; applications to computer security; and emerging computing technologies

F. Don Smith

Research Professor

(42) Ph.D. 1978, UNC-Chapel Hill. Computer networks; operating systems; distributed systems; multimedia.

Jack Snoeyink

(79) Ph.D. 1990, Stanford. Computational geometry; algorithms for geographical information systems and structural biology; geometric modeling and computation; algorithms and data structures; theory of computation.

Shashank Srivastava

Assistant Professor

(157) Ph.D. 2018, Carnegie Mellon. Topics in Natural Language Processing, AI, Machine Learning and their applications; focus on Language Grounding and pragmatics, Neuro-symbolic methods, Text analysis, Latent Variable Models

Natalie Stanley

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. 2018, UNC-Chapel Hill. Single-cell bioinformatics; computational and systems immunology; developing algorithms for representing and understanding graph-based data.

David Stotts


(59) Ph.D. 1985, Virginia. Computer-supported cooperative work, especially collaborative user interfaces; software engineering, design patterns, and formal methods; hypermedia and web technology.

Cynthia Sturton

Associate Professor and Peter Thacher Grauer Scholar

(132) Ph.D. 2013, UC Berkeley. Computer and hardware security; applied formal methods for software security.

Martin Styner

Research Associate Professor
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

(94) Ph.D. 2001, UNC-Chapel Hill. Medical image processing and analysis including anatomical structure and tissue segmentation, morphometry using shape analysis, modeling and atlas building, as well as intra and inter-modality registration.

Jeff Terrell

Professor of the Practice
Director, UNC App Lab

(145) Ph.D. 2009, UNC-Chapel Hill. Software development, web application development, mobile application development, programming, functional programming.

Mary C. Whitton

Research Professor

(81) M.S. 1984, N.C. State. Developing and evaluating technology for virtual and augmented reality systems; virtual locomotion; tools for serious games.