Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

Kenan Professor Emeritus
Department Founder

brooks (at)

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Ph.D. 1956, Harvard.

Ph.D. 1955, Harvard.

Ph.D. 1960, Oxford, Sc.D. 2008, Cambridge.

Ph.D. 1988, Duke.

Gyula A. Mago

Professor Emeritus (Deceased)

mago (at)

Ph.D. 1970, Cambridge.

Timothy L. Quigg

Associate Chair Emeritus for Administration, Finance and Entrepreneurship
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MPA. 1979, N.C. State.

Ph.D. 1970, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Ph.D. 1966, Michigan.

Leandra Vicci

Lecturer Emeritus (Deceased)
Retired Director of the Applied Engineering Laboratory
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B.S. Physics, 1964, Antioch College.

Ph.D. 1970, Cornell.

Ph.D. 1972, UNC-Chapel Hill.