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2 OCTOBER 1995
Speaker: Monica S. Lam, Stanford University
Title: “The Stanford SUIF Parallelizing Compiler”
Host: Duke University

Speaker: Dennis Gannon, Indiana University
Title: “High Performance Computing: Life After the HPCC Program”
Host: UNC-Chapel Hill

20 NOVEMBER 1995
Speaker: Mitchell Marcus, University of Pennsylvania
Title: “New Trends in Natural Language Processing”
Host: Duke University

22 JANUARY 1996
Speaker: Franco P. Preparata, Brown University
Title: “Horizons of Parallel Computing”
Host: Duke University

Speaker: John A. Stankovic, University of Massachusetts
Title: “Key Dilemmas in Real-Time Systems”
Host: N.C. State University

19 FEBRUARY 1996
Speaker: H. T. Kung, Harvard University
Title: “Traffic Management for Very High-Speed Networks”
Host: UNC-Chapel Hill

18 MARCH 1996
Speaker: David Dobkin, Princeton University
Title: “Applied Computational Geometry: Progress Report”
Host: UNC-Chapel Hill

1 APRIL 1996
Speaker: Mani Chandy, California Institute of Technology
Title: “Patterns of Specifications”
Host: N.C. State University

15 APRIL 1996
Speaker: Gene H. Golub, Stanford University
Title: “Applications of the Theory of Moments to Large Scale Computations”
Host: N.C. State University