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REU 2024 Cohort
June 20, 2024

UNC Computer Science is excited to welcome the 2024 cohort of the UNC-Intel Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (REU) Program. The REU program provides participants an opportunity to explore the possibilities of research in an academic setting, with support from industry mentors at Intel. The third cohort has expanded to 10 participants, almost doubling the size of last year’s cohort and tripling that of the inaugural program.

Associate Professor Cynthia Sturton leads the REU program in collaboration with representatives from Intel. At UNC, the program invited applicants interested in conducting research in the areas of hardware and systems security and privacy. By offering the opportunity to explore a career in research from both academic and industry perspectives, Sturton hopes the experience can help to broaden participation in computer science.

“Through offering impactful real-world experience in research and guided mentorship by industry representatives, we hope to foster a sense of belonging within the tech community,” Sturton said. “We are excited to witness the growth of this program over the last 3 years, and look forward to the creative applications and explorations the participants will enjoy this summer.”

REU introduces participants to both academic and industry applications of research

Over the 8-week program, participants are paired with mentors in both academia and industry. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to engage with a broader faculty network through weekly lectures, learn more about application to industry through the weekly Intel Speaker Series, and build on their career and personal goals through workshops with UNC Computer Science Career Lead Stephanie Johnson and UNC Computer Science Graduate Student for Student Engagement Armani Anderson. 

The cohort will also collaborate with their “sister” REU program at Princeton University, also supported by Intel, allowing participants in both programs the unique benefit of receiving lectures from faculty at both UNC and Yale, broadening the network of support.

Moshe Ikechukwu, a UNC CS alumnus (B.S. 2022) and incoming doctoral candidate at North Carolina State University, is serving as the 2024 REU program coordinator. Hoping to conduct his own research in cybersecurity research during his doctoral program, he recognizes the value to undergraduate students of a summer research opportunity like this one.

“I am eager for this cohort of students to gain exposure to the intersection of academia and industry,” Ikechukwu said. “I hope that through this program we are able to offer a diverse research environment that will allow them to discover the many opportunities available to them.”

Meet the 2024 Cohort

Miguel Alvarado Dorado 

Miguel Alvarado Dorado, from Shannon, NC, is a rising junior from UNC-Chapel Hill. Miguel is eager to learn more about the applications of ML/AI in the field of hardware and systems security and gain hands-on experience in research. 

Margaret Bailey

Margaret Bailey, from Clinton, NY, is a rising junior from Amherst College. Margaret is looking forward to the hands-on experience and opportunity to explore new areas of research.

Audrey Fuelleman

Audrey Fuelleman, from Pittsboro, NC, is a rising junior from North Carolina State University. Audrey is eager to gain experience researching within the field of computer science and looks forward to all that will be gained from the broader network connections.

Archana Goli

Archana Goli, from Weddington, NC, is a rising junior from UNC-Chapel Hill. Archana is looking forward to gaining hands-on experience in practical research and learning from industry experts and research mentors.

Joshua Harrell

Joshua Harrell, from Queens, NC, is a rising Junior from Elizabeth City State University. Joshua is interested in exploring research in hardware and hopes to build networking skills and connections.

Taylor Morris

Taylor Morris, from New Bern, NC, is a rising junior from UNC-Chapel Hill. Taylor hopes to improve knowledge and skills with electronics and embedded systems and gain skills in research procedures and best practices.

Tobenna Okoli

Tobenna Okoli, from Lagos, Nigeria, is a rising junior from UNC-Chapel Hill. Tobenna is looking forward to gaining experience outside of the classroom and to contributing to research that will impact the lives of others.

Trisha Samavedam

Trisha Samavedam, from Raleigh, NC, is a rising junior from UNC-Chapel Hill. Trisha is looking forward to opportunities to think creatively about coding and to apply classroom learning to real-world problems.

Amisha Wadhwa

Amisha Wadhwa, from Charlotte, NC, is a rising junior from UNC-Chapel Hill. Amisha is interested in learning about how hardware interacts with software, as well as seeing all that goes into systems security and how AI can be implemented to improve it.

Felicia Zheng

Felicia Zheng, from McFarland, WI, is a rising junior from Yale University. Felicia is most interested in learning from industry experts and gaining a deep understanding of hardware and systems security.