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November 21, 2018

Doctoral students Namhoon Kim, Stephen Tang, and Nathan Otterness and faculty members James Anderson, F. Donelson Smith, and Donald Porter received the Best Paper Award at the 26th International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems (RTNS 2018) in Poitiers, France.

Their paper, “Supporting I/O and IPC via Fine-Grained OS Isolation for Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Tasks,” presents techniques for optimizing memory allocations in order to lessen the impact when operating system (OS) services are required for interprocess communication (IPC). This enhances the performance of safety-critical real-time applications hosted on multicore platforms, including those used in avionics.

This paper is one of a number of publications by the Real-Time Systems Group that have sought solutions to minimize the “one-out-of-m” problem that arises in multicore platforms when the overall capacity of any number of cores is reduced to just one core due to hardware interference and pessimistic worst-case analysis.

The project is part of a research focus in embedded avionics software systems. For more information, visit the project website. The full paper, with appendices, is available online.