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December 6, 2016

Nicolas Morales, a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science, was recognized on November 11 with a 2016 Royster Student Scholarship Award by the North Carolina chapter of the Acoustical Society of America (NC-ASA). Morales presented his work, titled “Acoustic Material Optimization,” during the annual Royster Competition poster session.

The award is presented to two students annually and carries a $2,500 scholarship. The competition, which has been made possible by support from Larry and Julia Royster since 2005, is open to full-time graduate students enrolled in a program involving acoustics as well as senior undergraduate students expecting to enroll in such a program.

Morales works with Dr. Dinesh Manocha as part of the GAMMA research group at UNC. His research seeks to improve realism in modeled and synthesized sound by using sensitivity analysis for computer-aided design and analysis of large, indoor, architectural models.

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