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June 19, 2022

Celebrating the Class of 2022

Honoring the largest graduating class in department history, the Class of 2022 gathered in Carmichael Arena amongst family, friends and loved ones on May 8th, 2022 for the traditional department commencement ceremony. 

The celebration recognized the conferring of more than 500 degrees, including 155 bachelors of arts and 284 bachelors of science candidates, 37 undergraduate minors, 13 doctors of philosophy, and 22 masters of science. 

Department Chair, Kevin Jeffay celebrated the success of this group of graduates and recognized the unique lens in which they studied computer science, being among the first graduating classes to grow up truly immersed in technology. 

Each year, graduates vote for a representative to serve as class speaker–this year two graduates were chosen, Jack Decker and Jenna Levy. During their speech, the speakers encouraged their fellow graduates to consider the ways in which their time at UNC has prepared them for the “real world”; the challenges, while difficult, have been preparation for the future and will make the next transition easier to navigate. 

Upon completion of degree requirements, CS graduates answer a survey providing information about their future career plans. The data not only tells a story of their impact at the university but also highlights the caliber of the graduates, as they have been recruited to some of the top tech companies and graduate programs in the country. 

As interest in recruiting graduates with computer science skills increases across industry, it is no surprise that 40% percent of the Class of 2022 completed multiple degree programs. The liberal arts experience provides graduates with the opportunity to study a curriculum that stretches across all disciplines, establishing a unique skill set to take on to their next place of employment or institution. 

The majority of the Class of 2022 secured job placement prior to graduation. Approximately 30% of graduates planned to  remain in North Carolina, while other top destinations include: New York, Washington, D.C. Metro Area, California and Washington.


2022 UNC Department Annual Awards

As is tradition, the annual department award winners were also recognized at the department commencement ceremony. 

These awards are given to both faculty and students. Awardees were determined based on nominations received from faculty, staff, and/or students. Criteria for each award can be found here

The 2022 annual department award winners are: Assistant Professor, Gedas Bertasius and Assistant Professor Saba Eskandarian – Computer Science Student Association (CSSA) Excellence in Teaching Awards; Aaron Smith – Undergraduate Faculty Award; Zhen Wei – John M. Glotzer Teaching Assistant Award, Jemin Park – Diane Pozefsky Learning Assistant Award, Nihar Vaidya – Stephen F. Weiss Award for Outstanding Achievement

For additional information and past winners, please visit the Annual Awards page on the website. 

Celebrate the Class of 2022 and 2022 department award winners, view the full department commencement ceremony here