Semester Information for currently enrolled students including helpful links, deadlines, announcements, forms, and FAQ’s.


Announcements & Deadlines



Upcoming Deadlines:

Oct. 3:  Last day for graduate students to file an application for degree in December.

Oct. 09:  PRP Registration System Closes


Students in their 3+ semester whose intention it is to proceed to the PhD program should register for the exam.
PRP Registration is now open.
Mar. 01:  Online registration closes
Apr. 01:  PRP Reports must be turned in
Apr. 21:  PRP committees announced
May 01: PRP Day #1
May 03: PRP Day #2 (if needed)


Mar. 11 – 15:  Spring Break

Apr. 12:  Electronic dissertations for degree candidates must be submitted to the Graduate School by 4 p.m. for review and approval

Apr. 19:  Easter Break

Apr. 26:  Last day of classes

May 12:  Spring Commencement

Course Lists for CS

Fall 2017 CS Course List (click)

PRP Information

Coming Soon!



Due last day of class per term:

  • CS-01 Background Preparation Form
  • CS-03 MS Program of Study
  • CS-08 Writing Requirement
  • Copy of Paper submitted to Student Services Coordinator (emailed or hard copy)
  • CS-13 Program Product Requirement
  • All Grades for current term submitted by instructor
  • No Incomplete Grades
  • Exit Survey – even if you are proceeding to the PhD

Note:  Late requests for turning in any requirement will be considered on individual bases only.


PhD Degree Requirement Information

  • CS-01 Background Preparation Form
  • CS-06 PhD Program of Study – Approved by the GSC
  • CS-08 Writing Requirement/Written Comprehensive exam
  • CS-13 Program Product Requirement
  • Course Work Complete
  • Proposal Approved
  • PhD Oral Comprehensive Exam
  • Dissertation Defense Approved
  • Final & Approved Dissertation Submitted to The Graduate School by posted deadline
  • All Grades for current term submitted
  • No IN Grades
  • Exit Survey


Frequently Asked Questions on Milestones

CS-08 Writing Requirement:  Required for both PhD & MS degrees.

MS:  Requires 2 signatures.  One is usually your research adviser.  The 2nd reader can be a member of your PRP committee or any other full CS faculty member of your choice.

If you are using a published paper to satisfy your writing requirement for either degree, the signature of the student’s research advisor is the only signature required.  Student must have been first or only author of the published paper.

Proposal & Committee Meeting:  

Once a PhD student has scheduled a proposal meeting, send the following information to the Student Services Coordinator:

  • Title of proposal
  • List of committee members including email address
  • Committee members outside of the CS Department will need to be appointed as temporary faculty members.  Provide their most recent CV to the student services coordinator.
  • Let SSC know if you need a room reserved.
  • Turn in the PhD Program of Study (CS-06) during this same time.


NC Residency Information

Graduate School Information on NC Residency (including deadline dates)

Helpful Information/notes from the residency workshops:

  • “Indefinitely in NC”:  Refers to duration of time having no exact limits. Indefinite does NOT mean you intend to stay in the state forever, instead it means you have no predetermined end date.
  • Being able to demonstrate financial independence is important unless your parents are also in and are from NC.
  • Slides from the August 2016 Residency Workshop.



Tuition & Fee Schedule:  AY 2017-18

Hours In-State Tuition Out-of-State Tuition Remission
9+ $4,971.50 $13,577.00 $8,605.50
6 – 8.9 $3,728.63 $10,182.75 $6,454.12
3 – 5.9 $2,485.75 $6,788.50 $4,302.75
Fees $993.03
 1st sem student fees $1,007.03


Pre-pay Holds – How to Remove the Hold

From the Cashier’s web page:
Prepayment of Tuition and Fees

Once early registration closes for the semester and tuition bills have been generated, students must pre-pay before they can register for class in the upcoming semester.  Determine the number of credit hours you will be taking and pre-pay the amount listed in our Tuition and Fees section for the semester you will be attending.

Since a prepayment is a payment in advance, your account on Connect Carolina is going to show that there is no payment due.  You have to manually enter in the dollar amount needed for the hours you will be registering for during that semester.  The payment boxes on our payment portal are free-form so you can type in the amount you need to pay.  If you need help determining the amount to pre-pay, send an email to  letting us know which semester you intend to enroll in, how many hours you will be taking and your PID, and we will be happy to provide that information to you.  Once you have pre-paid the tuition and fees, forward the payment confirmation e-mail you’ll receive to and we can remove the prepayment hold.

Student Fee Payment Options. 

ALL students are responsible for paying their student fees (a separate charge from tuition).  Students with an RA or TA position have two options for paying student fees.

1.  Make one payment paying fees in full.

2.  Payroll Deduction:  three smaller payments of equal amounts will be deducted (automatically) from your paycheck the middle three months of the semester.  A completed and signed authorization form is required for this option.  See link to form below.

***NEW:  Graduate Student Payroll Deduction Authorization is done on-line now!!  Go here to submit your payroll deduction request:***

Graduate Student Payroll Deduction 

Deadline:  Sept. 6

Students who are not assigned an RA or TA position must pay student fees in full before the posted due date on their financial account in ConnectCarolina.

Information for the on-line form:

  • Total Payroll Deduction Amount = Full fee amount ($993.03 or $1,007.03).
  • Monthly Amount = $331.01 or $335.68 (for first semester students)

How to Pay tuition &/or fees

How to Defer your bill:


Students expecting financial aid, departmental funding or other third-party support may request deferment of their term bill that is due prior to the start of each term. Deferment extends the due date for about two weeks, depending on the term. Campus Health, library fines and charges from a prior semester cannot be deferred.

This option is only available to students! To DEFER your bill:

  1. Log in to the ConnectCarolina Student Center.
  2. Look at the Finances Section and select Request Deferment from the drop down box.
  3. Click/check the box for Financial Aid Deferment AND the Statement of Understanding and then click submit.
  4. There will be a confirmation screen after you hit submit, click OK. You must request the deferment before the due date on the billing statement.


SPIN Plus:  a comprehensive funding opportunities database by InfoEd Global. With SPIN Plus, UNC researchers, administrators, postdocs, and graduate students can search over 40,000 funding opportunities from more than 10,000 federal, public, non-profit, and private sponsors. Registered users can access the database from off campus or over VPN, set up search preferences, organize funding opportunities, and sign up for email notifications.  The Office of Research Development encourages all UNC users to register a SPIN Plus profile to take advantage of SPIN’s customization features. To get started, visit and select Sign In from the top right corner. Additional information and resources are available at

Graduate School Funding Information


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