Help Articles regarding email

Accessing Google mail via Thunderbird

How to access your CS department Google mail account with Thunderbird

Configuring Department Google Mail in Thunderbird

How to configure Thunderbird to access your department Google mail account.

Setting Up Gmail Account in Outlook

How to configure Outlook to access your department Google mail account

Email Saving

Saving IMAP email into local folders

Fowarding Email

How to forward your email

Google Groups

A description of how we use Google Groups in the department

Mail List Changes

Changes to Computer Science email lists

Mail Lists

Computer Science and campus email lists

Migrating Mail Spool Files to Google

How to move old style spool files or mbox file to Gmail

Setting up student gmail accounts

How graduate and undergraduate Computer Science majors should set up their CS department Google email accounts

Spam Filters

Department SPAM Filters

Vacation Mail

Using the vacation utility to leave mail notification while you are gone for a time