Xerox printer/copier/scanner/fax

Information on using the Xerox multifunction copier/printer/fax/scanner

Reviewed by Bil Hays 10/03/2016

The department has  Xerox 5745 multifunction devices in SN107, SN266, and FB309.  The Xerox 5745 is a combination printer/copier/scanner/fax, and it prints and copies in black and white, though it will scan in color.  For info on how to use the multifunction device, see the Getting Started document (38 pages) or the far more detailed User Guide (328 pages). One page instructions for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing are on the wall above the device.  These were taken from the Getting Started document.

To print to the Xerox multifunction device from a Windows system, you will need to add the printer to your computer.  The names of the printers on Windows and Linux are xrxsn107, xrxsn266, and xrxfb309.

The scanner sends scans via email, so to scan, you select “Email” on the services page of the touch panel.  (Yes, this is counterintuitive.)  While the printing and copying with Xerox multifunction device is not color, the scanner will scan in color, and you can also save your scans into searchable pdf files.

Faxes sent to the Xerox multifunction device print out on the small upper tray, while other jobs print to the larger lower tray.

Additional documentation is available from Xerox.  To search their knowledge base, go here and search for a keyword or phrase.  You can also click the Documentation tab.  In addition, you can call Xerox at 800-821-2797 and ask them questions.  You’ll need to give them the system serial number; that is available at the keypad by pressing the “Machine Status” button.