Wired Network Connections in Offices and Labs

How to request a wired connection

Reviewed by Bil Hays 04/22/2013

Almost every office currently has 9 data ports, although not all are active. If you would like a data port active, please send email to help@cs.unc.edu and send your office number, and the number of the port that you’d like to have activated. (Ports are labeled, beginning with a D followed by a number). Even at that level, we cannot guarantee we can connect anything and everything folks might want on the network. However:

  • We will provide a connection for at least one machine provided by the department for each affiliate with office space in Sitterson hall.
  • In cases where a user has additional machines, provided by themselves, the department, or another source, we will make additional connections as possible, depending on what ports are free, overall network load, and personnel time.
  • In cases where an office does not have sufficient connections for that space, Computer Services will provide a small switch, but there may be a charge for the hardware.