Windows Printing

How to print from Windows machines in the CS Department

Adding printers via the print server is done by browsing to the print server on the network and double-clicking on the printers, which should appear as a list on the upper level view of this machine.

Using the Run command from the Start Menu , you can quickly add printers with the following method:


Windows 7:


Click on the START menu and click in Search Programs and Files:




Type: \\ and hit the Enter key.  A window for \\ should open, with a list of all the available printers on the print server.

Windows 10:


Click on the Windows icon in the bottom-left hand corner, or press the Windows key on your keyboard.



Type \\ and hit ‘Enter’. A window with the currently installed printers on the print server should appear. Either double-click the printer you wish to use, or right-click and select ‘Connect…’.