Web Reports and Statistics

Web server access reports

Reviewed by John Sopko 6/17/2014

There are many formats and statistics that can be generated from the web server logs.  We generate two reports using a tool called “Analog”.  See the Analog home page for more info.  The tool is very powerful.  If the reports that we generate do not meet your needs, then you can generate your own reports using Analog.

Log Files

Most web server software logs web page access information to a common log format file.  The files for our main web server are located in /net/www/var/log.  This directory can be accessed from any Linux system in the department.  The log files for the wwwx server are located at /net/wwwx/var/log.  Each of these directories has two subdirectories: httpd for the regular server logs, and httpd-ssl, for the secure server.  The live log files are called /net/www/var/log/httpd/access_log and /net/www/var/log/httpd-ssl/access_log, respectively.  We rotate the access_log files on a weekly basis.  The rotated logs are stored in compressed gzip format.  You can use one or more of these log files to generate your own web statistics using the analog tool or any other utility program.  The Analog tool can process gzip files directly.

Weekly Log Reports

We use the analog utility to generate two log report files each week.  The reports for the www server are at https://www.cs.unc.edu/xhelp/stats/www_log_reports/.  Within this directory, the reports named full-date.html contain information for all web pages that were accessed on www.cs.unc.edu that were accessed, including pages in all “~user”, (user/public_html ) directories, and the department’s main root directory located at /unc/www, where date is the closing date and time of the particular weekly report.  In the same directory, the reports named “dept-date.html” contain only data collected from the department’s main virtual document root directory.  See the department’s web server faq for more information on our web server.

Similarly, the reports for the wwwx server are at https://www.cs.unc.edu/xhelp/stats/wwwx_log_reports/, and the same naming conventions are used for the reports.

Click Here to go to the WWW server log reports directory

Click Here to go to the WWWX server log reports directory