Web Interface & Switchboard

Reviewed by David Musick 01/23/2014

The web suite lets you customize the features of your extension.


The Switchvox Web Extension Tool Suite is the primary means of managing your extension and your Digium Phone. You can access it from any computer on campus via a web browser. The URL is http://phone.cs.unc.edu. If you are off campus, you will need to use the campus VPN to use a remote desktop on a machine in the department and connect from there.


A graphical display of what’s happening on Switchvox. It shows your own calls, your coworkers’ calls, call-queue activity, and your parking lot. You can drag and drop to transfer calls, and one click lets you make a call, pick up calls, record calls, log in and out of call queues, and more.

To view of demo of the switchboard application see:


Download a pdf of the extension owners guide for step by step instructions

This guide provides basic how-to information so you can quickly get acquainted with and effectively use your Digium Phone and the Switchvox system to communicate.

Switchvox Extension Owners Guide