Video Conferencing and Content Sharing with Zoom

Reviewed by David Musick 07/24/2017

Video Conferencing and Content Sharing with Zoom

UNC Computer Science Department, in cooperation with OASIS, offers a video conferencing solution through a cloud-based video conferencing and content-sharing service called Zoom, this product offers interoperability with multiple platforms and devices.

What is Zoom?

Enterprise Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing for Online Meetings, Training, and Video Conferencing

• Distance Learning: Extending the classroom beyond the walls of a room to anyone who has access to the Internet.
• Guest Lectures: Using Zoom, guest lecturers can use video to reach a classroom full of students from across the world, no matter which video platform they’re using.
• Virtual Office Hours: Students can join office hours from their browser or mobile device to ask questions, eliminating the requirement to be at an on-campus location.
• Internal / External Collaboration: Share ideas and collaborate with faculty, staff, researchers, vendors, and more.


• You can have up to 50 people in a video conferencing session
• Screen sharing and full suite of collaboration features
• Video conference HD recording capability
• Co-annotation and whiteboarding
• Video breakout rooms
• MP4 and M4A local and cloud recording
• Ability to invite non-UNC participants
• Free to use for Computer Science faculty, staff, and students
• Browser extensions for IE, Chrome, Thunderbird and Safari
• Smartphone app for iOS and Android

Access / Scheduling

Zoom is available to Faculty, Staff and Students of the Computer Science Department. Send an email to and include following information.
• Date, time and length of event
• Indicate if this is a one-time or recurring event
• Person in charge of video conference
• Indicate if you require a moderator (cs support staff) or a moderator-less event, allowing you or another participants to act as moderator.
• Once scheduled, you will receive an email with a link to the conference that includes the meeting ID number.

Getting Started:

Zoom Getting Started