Using the Remedy System

How to submit and track work requests with the campus Remedy ticket tracking system

Reviewed by Bil Hays 04/25/2012

Please note, Remedy is being taken down and we cannot create tickets in that system any longer


Computer Services uses the UNC Remedy system for tracking work requests.  Remedy is a commercial problem tracking and escalation system, and UNC supports an installation of this which departmental support groups can use.

In the Computer Science Department, the usual method of submitting a work request is to send mail to

You can also submit a ticket via the web at

You’ll be given a ticket number right away, and a confirmation message will be sent to the address you supply.

You can check the status of a ticket via the web at

Please note that if you submit a ticket using the link above, it won’t show up in this list until we have received the ticket (since this system keys on the PID, and we do not require that when you submit a request).  Also, this is an ITS service, and it requires that you have an ID on the ITS system (an ONYEN).  If you don’t have this type of ID, you can create one online at

You can also send email to and we will let you know the status of tickets you have logged.

To submit a ticket to the campus Information Technology Services (ITS) group, use this link: