Using Mailman Lists

How to administer your mailman mail list

Reviewed by Murray Anderegg 02/27/2013

Administering a mailman mailing list is done by opening a browser on the administrative page for the mailing list:<listname>, for example,

If you are the list owner, you will be prompted for a password for the mailing list, which was sent to the you when the list was created.  You are then presented with a list of major topics for administering the mailing list:

[Configuration Categories] * General Options
* Passwords
* Language options
* Membership Management…
* Non-digest options
* Digest options
* Privacy options…
* Bounce processing
* Archiving Options
* Mail<->News gateways
* Auto-responder
* Content filtering
* Topics

[Other Administrative Requests] Tend to pending moderator requests
* Go to the general list information page
* Edit the public HTML pages
* Go to list archives

* Logout

Under each of the major topics is a list of configurable options with online help explanations for each one.  We suggest that owners look through and generally familiarize themselves with all of the sections of the administrative interface.  Afterwards most owners tend to concentrate on the following sections:  General Options, Privacy, Archiving and Membership Management

It is important to logout after making any changes to a mailman mailing list.