Use of Google Apps in Computer Science

Reviewed by bil hays 2018.10.08

Faculty, Staff and Graduate students have access to the department’s Google Suite. Undergraduate students are encouraged to use Office 365 from ITS.

The department has activated most, but not all of the Google Apps that are available to the domain.

Only the core services are covered under the end user license agreement into which UNC and Google entered. These include:
Directory and Contacts
Drive and Docs
Google Chrome Sync
Google Hangouts
Google Vault
Groups for Business

Other Google Apps are not covered by that agreement. When using these other apps, please take care to conform to campus policies, as it may be inappropriate to use these other Apps for conducting University business.

While we have approval to use the corse services with personal information, very sensitive data, such as HIPAA and PCI data should not be stored in google drive, such material is best stored on Please email if you want more information on safe storage of sensitive data.

Data stored in the uncovered Apps may be accessible to Google for marketing purposes, so you must take care to insure that you are not putting at risk any information that might be considered sensitive data or University intellectual property. For example, it would be inappropriate to store or process grades, personally identifying information, or unreleased research findings using the Apps that are not covered by our agreement with Google.

Also, when you use any Apps that are available via the department’s Google Apps domain, you are doing so while logged into a University account and are subject to University policies for security and data protection as well as to the Honor Code.