Temporary and Special-purpose accounts

Information on temporary and special-purpose accounts on Computer Science systems

Reviewed by Bil Hays 5/2/14

A temporary account may be requested by any of our users for use in department-related business (research, education, or service).  The account can be used for up to one week.  After that, that account must be sponsored by a Computer Science faculty member, or it will be deleted.  This may be useful for short-term visitors.

Special-purpose accounts may be needed to run a particular piece of software or for various other reasons.  If the account is for use by a person who has an account on our systems, or if it is not run by a person but needed for some software to work, we can generally set up a special-purpose account that does not carry any additional fees.  Often we can lock these down to only work on certain computers.

The advantage of both the temporary and special-purpose accounts is that they are subject to the same password rules as our other accounts, and hence they are not an additional security threat.

If you expect to need one or more temporary accounts with little or no notice, send mail to help, and we can set up some accounts for you beforehand.