Technical Reports


Reviewed 10/19/17 by John Sopko

The department maintains a set of technical reports that are accessible online. The reports are assigned numbers of the form yynnn, where yy is the year the report was assigned and nnn is a unique three-digit number. Each technical report is assigned BibTex information as described below. The reports are manged by a Wordrpess site with a plugin called Teachpress

Accessing Technical Reports

Technical reports are available at The site will allow you to search by year, author or view the entire list of reports. Practically all are pdf format (readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader), though some older ones are in ps format (postscript, readable with Ghostview).

Getting your report added

Send email to along with your report. We will need your technical report as a pdf file. We will assign a number and minimum BibTex attributes. We will use the title, authors and abstract and add your paper to the site. Go to the site and take a look at one of the newer papers. You can click the BibTex link to see what information it contains.