Software tools

Suggestions for tools to enhance your work

Reviewed by bil hays 2018.05.05

Keeping your machine up to date

Window users should take a look at ninite, it’s a easy method of installing and updating commonly used applications. Mac users should check out brew and brew cask, and brew cask upgrade for installing and updating software. Linux users would use their native repositories.

Working with linux servers

Login: Windows users can use the ssh protocol login to linux servers with PuTTY, a terminal emulator for windows. Mac users would use the program, or iTerm2. Linux users have a number of options.

File Transfer: SFTP is a secure method of moving files to and from servers. PuTTY’s psftp.exe for windows is a good choice. FileZilla is another good SFTP client.

CS also runs an AFS cell, people with department accounts have their linux home directories in AFS. Here’s an introduction, but search our site for more pages.