Setting Up Gmail Account in Outlook

Updated March 27, 2019


Outlook can be configured to use your UNC Computer Science Gmail account through the following steps:

This will work for Window users. For Mac users, it may vary.

1. Click the link and follow the instructions to set up IMAP on your account: Set up IMAP

2. Once that is completed. An App password is required in order to access your account. Click this link: App Password Generator and follow the instructions under the ‘How to generate an App password’ tab.

3. The 16-character App password that is generated will be used to replace your password when you initially login into your Google Account through Outlook.

4. After the previous steps have been completed, open Outlook

5. Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings

6. Click New


7. Select E-mail Account


8. Select “POP or IMAP”


9. Enter your information as shown, using your full CS email address as your username. Remember to use the generated App password. 

10. Click on “More Settings”



11. Check box for “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”


12. Click Advanced. Choose SSL for the encryption type for the Incoming Server, and choose TLS (if available) for the Outgoing Server, otherwise choose SSL. Enter 993 for Incoming Server, and 587(TLS, if available) or 465(SSL) for Outgoing server. Click OK.


13. Outlook will test your settings. You should get a success message.


14. Click close, and finish on the following page.


Your Gmail account should now be available in Outlook