Setting Up a Home Page

Creating a home page on

Reviewed by John Sopko 3/4/2017

Persons who have a login account in the Department of Computer Science can create a personal home page on the web as follows:

Log in to a Linux system and create a sub-directory named public_html in your home directory,  (You must use this name exactly).  See Public Linux machines to login to one of our public linux machines.  Execute the following commands to create your public_html directory and give the proper AFS permissions so the web server can read your files:

fs setacl . cs-machines l
mkdir public_html
fs setacl public_html cs-machines rl

In your public_html sub-directory, using your favorite text editor or an html editor, create a file called index.html.  (You must use this name exactly.)  This file may contain whatever you want to place on the web, and it must use HTML (hypertext markup language) to specify formatting or links to other pages.

Your public_html page will map to the following URL:

where login_name is the name of your login account.  See the Department’s Web Server FAQ for more information.

Alternatively you can use the campus multi site WordPress service to maintain a web site using WordPress. You would choose an available name for your site like You could then put a .htaccess file in your Computer Science account space at /home/login_name/public_html/.htaccess that does a redirect to The .htaccess would look something like this:

RedirectMatch seeother ^/~login_name/index.html