Secure Printing

How to securely print on a Xerox multifunction device

This documents how to securely print to a Xerox multifunction device. It is assumed throughout this document that the user is already connected to the <> network.

Before you can secure print or send a fax using the print interface, you must connect to the printer and install the driver, as described in the help page on Windows printing.

Once you have installed the driver you can send a document to a Xerox multifunction device in SN107, SN266, or FB309.  Here is an example of how to send a secure print job from Microsoft Word.  Click on “File” in the top right hand corner of the Microsoft Word toolbar and navigate down to the “Print” option on the menu:

copy_of_pic5 (1)


Then, under “Printer”, select “xrxsn107” (red circle).

Click on “Printer Properties” to open the printing properties window (blue circle).

Next, select “Secure Print” from the “Job Type drop” down box.  This will open the Secure Print window, which will ask you to enter and then re-enter a 4-10 digit passcode that you will enter when you go to the Xerox device to pick-up your print job.



Once you have entered a passcode, go to the Xerox device and press the “Job Status” button.  Select “Secure Print Jobs”.  Press the line with your job, which should be listed with your login.  You will be prompted for your passcode.  Press “Release All” to release all of your jobs, or press the job you want to release and select “Release”.  Your job or jobs should now print.


For additional help or troubleshooting tips, please email